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Like the portrait for the most part. Sword looks silly cause it’s oversized to the point of being ridiculous. But, at least she’s pretty!

Checked and didn’t say anything about hospital size in the prior thread that was linked.
So… what will those changes be?


17% build time reduction, count me in anytime!

  • Offensive Helm of Invigoration grants 5% chance to reset spell cooldowns when a tower is destroyed at max level. The gloves also grant bonus dragon attack power that applies to any dragon.

Will this affect spells that are active and not yet on CD- making it have no CD at all? Or only for things currently cooling down?

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These both really need to be made as optional picks where we could get the shield and sword instead. As someone who doesn’t fly hunters this was worthless to me this season and will be worthless to me next season and we rarely get a sorcerer that’s worth claiming a specific element of gear for.
Let us pick the shield, sword or helm as alternative options because for some people these are just expensive mythic gear.

These are pretty pointless since warrior breath speed doesn’t cause more damage.
Werent previous breath speed buffs also much higher? 20% doesn’t seem like it will even speed it up at all. This increase in warrior breath speed should be something that is added to all warriors by updating the core class, not something tacked onto 1 piece of gear.

Seems like Hunters are the only ones actually getting any benefit from these 3 exotic pieces. Both the sorcerer and warrior pieces need a lot more than 20%


The Positive: Yay -17% construction time. Finally something useful. The Defender is finally getting retired

The Realistic: Oh how shocking, another defensive champion atlas rider. Why couldn’t Bjorn have been a regular season champion rider so that everyone had the option to get him? Non atlas players literally have no access to defensive riders anymore while atlas is flooded with them. Im sorry but it was just plain stupid to have made Sophia into a normal champion rider and then made Bjorn into yet another defensive atlas champion rider.

Always good to see how much PG listens to our feedback
PG Facepalm


Typos in PG posts are funny.

Helms, gloves? attack power, defense power? attack or hp? :unamused:

Typical drop the news on a Friday and not be around to answer questions that arise from the thread… tsk tsk.



That exotic helm needs to be gone, it’s going to be insanely powerful with some dragons.


making some slight adjustments to the main post - plenty of info coming in all at once so bear with me!


working on a few adjustments now. not particularly funny though … not for me anyways. want to get this all right for everyone


Wait so the new lands are coming in the middle of the new season and not at the season start??

But if the castle ownership resets every season then these castles will only be able for like 6ish weeks till they are whiped clean again?

:construction_worker_man: Skill tree for Atlas Champion Rider Bjorn :construction:



The exotic Helm of Invigoration (5% chance to reset spell cooldowns upon tower destruction) is going to make some dragons unstoppable; especially if equipped with other exotics like +20% sorcerer attack speed or +20 ammo regeneration and -20% reduction in tower healing.

It woild seem all these new toys is going to make a balanced dragon for all bordering on the impossible. Too many variables to deal with.

On the positive side - the rider and helm give me something to work for this atlas season.


Like the 20 unstoppable dragons we already have? Lol


Is there a number missing on the glory needed for the exotic gear branch or is it 44,894?

Does anyone know what the base breath speed for a warrior is? I cant find it listed anyway and wanted to see how the exotic glove compares to warriors with breath speed boosting spells. Like Nockmar and Charpent were give 300 breath speed so how much more is that than the standard breath speed?

Also while Im asking, what’s the base breath speed for a sorcerer, hunter and invoker?



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@OrcaFrost might know this.