Official Discussion Thread: Celestial Rift Wave 3 - Azrael

Never mess with the Librarian… Azrael, Soul of the Library makes its way into the fray!

  • He’s Azrael as it gets! (Positive)
  • Is this Azraelly the Festive? (Neutral)
  • Guess I won’t be paying my library fines (Negative)

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2 questions

  1. What’s Solar Flare? I didn’t see that spell anywhere, but maybe I’m too tired to read well
  2. What’s the cooldown and rage cost for the first 3 spells (the passive one)?

Actually, looks like the spells list is missing a few spells (only 2 are listed)

Looks like a cool dragon though!


I was going to ask the same thing. Does this sorcerer have an extra 1 shot spell that isn’t listed???

Ok so @PGGalileo it appears you have missed solar strike from the spell info. And can we get the last three spells staggered or sub titled as these appear to be what you can ‘earn’ from killing certain towers.


Adding on, the dragon has Adaptive Flak Resist that isn’t listed

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Yes, Solar Flare is a one shot spell. Azrael also has adaptive flak resist. The spell kit is incomplete on the ‘official’ forum post.

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Here are some details about the spells that are not listed:

Passive: Destroying a tower grants the dragon an additional spell based on which tower is destroyed.

  • MARK OF KAYLA | Active | White | 0 Rage
    Marks a target tower. If the marked tower is destroyed, dragon restores (35)% health and (2) rage. Given by perches and shielding towers.

  • VALKYRIE’S WINDS | Active | Red | 0 Rage
    Dragon dodges all non-beam attacks for 3 seconds, damages all nearby tower for (6)% of dragon’s modified HP each second. Given by red mages and farms

  • SHIELD OF THE ISLES | Active | Blue | 0 Rage
    Dragon gains an invincible shield for (4) seconds that blocks mage tower supershots. Given by high damage towers and blue mages.

FLASHFIRE | Active | Red | 2 Rage
Damages all nearby towers for (4)% of the dragon’s modified HP and freezes them for (3) seconds. Affected towers take (50)% increased damage from all sources.

SOLAR STRIKE | Active | White | 0 Rage
Heavily damages target tower in a small radius, 5 second cooldown. Does NOT heal dragon.

ADAPTIVE RESIST | Active | White | 0 Rage
Cycles between multiple resists and gives 0.25 rage when swapped.


To be honest he sounds quite good to me if I can remember what to focus on killing when. But he will be fun to play with atleast.

Thanks, lost some of the spells in the copy/paste - adding them now.


That’s the best line I’ve ever heard :joy: :joy:


What’s the source on this? Samhrad has Solar Strike and it heals

@PGGalileo can we get an official confirmation if Azreal’s solar strike spell is different than Samhrad’s version which heals for 9% of the dragon’s HP

I don’t mean to sound like a nerd but it looks like the wave 3 imagine is flipped across a X axis and now the artwork is basically reversed if you guys don’t understand I don’t blame you math is annoying at times.

I saw Taco’s video and it doesn’t heal.

Spotlight videos are sometimes wrong, they are often done before the dragon is completed

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True, but it is all we have got to base off of.

That’s why Im asking Gal for an official answer. It would be rather odd to have 2 of the same spell, both white but one not have the heal and one does

The sorcerer looks fine with 2 white spells not overpowered and yes sorry Avion apparently their are spotlight videos from the creators faction

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The sorcerer at least does look interesting. Very similar to Jorm :heart_eyes: but updated. I’ll still be holding him back until assault though


  • Only 1 spell requires rage (OMG, NEW GIG. WE SHALL ALL DROWN IN WHALE TEARS)
  • Has no cooldowns on any of the spells from Archive
  • With his mythic glyph the cd on Solar Strike is the same as on the shield, so it looks like you can keep that shield up constantly except if broken/ice flaked
  • Has some rage gain and hp gain options
  • Has a dodge for ice flaks and orrerys
  • Has a freeze


  • AFR instead of Elemental Resist. I know, it’s a good spell and gives rage but I miss ER
  • Is coming out right before new tower levels that it will be weaker than and apparently festives will not evolve until the tier mythics come out
  • It’s yet another fire dragon. Come on PG, how many sets of fire gear are we expected to have?
  • It is a sorcerer with a mark spell so that does limit its usage a bit more for atlas where you cant mark monuments

The irony of a spell called Flash Fire freezing towers and that Flash Freeze does more damage than fire


Isn’t AFR adaptive flak resist? If so, isn’t that different from adaptive resist? Isn’t adaptive resist the bad one?

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Did they say any changes with the draconics?

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