Official Discussion Thread: Corruption Champion Riders

What are your thoughts on the Corruption Champion Riders?

Which one is your favorite?

  • Archelus
  • Venus
  • Muertok

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Offensive champion Archelus

Offensive champion Muertok

Offensive champion Venus


Are the cheap tower levels being raised from 85 to 95?

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Glad I didnt wait now for this to be my 20th key to claim my mythic. Probably going to pass on all of these, none of these updates make them relevant riders compared to the last several that we’ve had. Why does Venus randomly have dragon training cost???

Arch needed pathways added between the top and bottom, riders need to have rage and other classes besides a hunter would like to have attack


This however is big. woohoo


Added stats builds for Muertok and Venus :writing_hand:


Thanks for these! Do we need to get 600 shards to obtain all skills or are these riders we can get to lvl 50 like past seasons and be ok?

200 additional shards, if you already have lvl 50 Muertok/Venus.

Thanks I got that, was just curious if getting venus or muertok to lvl 50 gets you max buffs for a class like say getting suresh to 50 got me max hunter buffs, Sorry if that sounds confusing, it makes sense in my mind lol.

Very very meh. Pass.

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Lvl 50 Muertok gets slightly better stats after skill reset.
Lvl 50 Venus doesn’t have a better set. :thinking:

Edited Venus cards.
The new tree for Venus has 3.5% Rage instead of 3% :see_no_evil:

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Thank you!!!

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Non are competitive enough. And 39k sigils? No way!


Only +6% combat for Archelus? Rather meager boost.

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You need to stop exposing my thoughts to everyone.



HARD PASS for me

Is the lack of Archelus shards from nodes 35, 37, and 44 a feature or a bug?

No, they said only the first 200 shard prizes would have them to keep people from over claiming them

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Any bets on people not realizing that because they don’t read the forums, thinking they can claim all three, but whoops, they claim muertok first