Official Discussion Thread: Corruption Champion Riders

Know for fact had 200 shards for each Rider, takes 4 nodes of 50, and double, triple counted and made sure was right Rider :neutral_face:

Have enough tickets recently, none resolved issues, not counting the one for Division Leaderboard issue of no rewards which has been fixed.

This is why never bother with support anymore, get nowhere, or told something know is incorrect, with same results, nothing being done about it.

One thing do want addressed PG…Read report sent around week ago, then do your homework since :neutral_face:

So, you’re just going to accept that you didn’t get what you spent for. :see_no_evil:

Why did you even start talking about them? That doesn’t really have anything to discuss about as you won’t be doing anything to get those fixed. :sweat_smile:

If you have issues, send a ticket about them.

If getting solutions from support takes too long or is going nowhere, then take the ticket number and DM DragonPunch.

Some days like that, yess, gets old beating same dead horse over and over. Sounds like you do not have the issue, so your reply is topical. If the community manager has to hold support hand to make sure they doing their job, than got serious problems :neutral_face:

Am way too busy in life, work full-time+, have house to run as live alone, about all free time is put towards getting own business going. D o not have time to sit and wait for some canned reply, or misunderstand issue/question with some flippant answer that makes no sense :neutral_face:

When am on, want to spend that time playing, and being with my members, not fighting with support tickets. It’s frustrating and irritating, got enough of this going on in workplace and behind the wheel, and am currently recovering from Covid, that got from workplace, after 3 years preventing it, yeah, not in mood :rage:

When wake up more, perhaps will reconsider, though probably be useless, if do and ends up same as rest of recent tickets, will be done, with support and maybe game too, enough is enough at some point, am not only one out here either :neutral_face:


There’s no real need to sit and wait for a response, so, regardless of how busy you are, you should be able to send a ticket without having to wait for a response as the support we have is not a live one. Not like one of those customer services that force you to be on your phone for hours. :see_no_evil:

Just send a ticket and check back hours or days later when you have time or feel like it.

If all you were replied with was another copy and paste responses that you’ve already tried even before you’ve sent the ticket, just take the ticket number that’s sent to the email address you used as your pocket ID, and DM it to DragonPunch along with thorough explanation of the issue you had in the game and with the support agent.

All my issues were properly answered that way. Some were resolved right away, some took some time, and some devs couldn’t resolve it. But they were all properly answered without any canned responses.

And for sure, I’ve never really had your issue. But I did make some mistakes before, claiming more rider shards that I already have claimed 200 of. For this, support agents helped me a few times, then they declined. When they declined, I asked a dev if he could help me and he indeed helped me to get my shards swapped.

Oh, and, irrelevant to your issue, but I worked as a CPA for years until I decided to run my own business. Busy season for CPAs are… quite busy too in my country. Just adding this as you sounded like how busy you were justifies your complaints without attempting to fix. If you didn’t mean that way, then please disregard this.

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The response of PG is very slow…
It is important to inform all players….
PG may be hoping that the player will fail😓

If it is different, it will usually respond immediately.
(That is common sense for me, but it may not be common sense for PG)