Official Discussion Thread: Darkmire Season Champion Riders

What are your thoughts on the Wave 1.5 release for this season?

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Greatest. Riders. Ever! I can’t wait!

Yep, called it being those 3 riders

So the chart says that the skills cost 5 points each and the tree says they cost 25 points each It also says there’s 25% dragon attack buff but the tree says they’re all 5%. Can we get a clarification on which is correct?

Edit: Also on the original skills part of that tree, that 11% warrior attack should be warrior HP unless it is being changed (please let it be changed to attack :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3:)

Edit 2: Also the top 2nd skill on Anja’s original tree was 5% dragon xp, not hp


Neon looks like it has been updated. Is that correct?

EDIT: scratch that. Maybe not.

I don’t see much of a difference stat wise for these riders so skipping it.

Can we stop mixing?

If atlas riders are to become champion riders, they should be through atlas season’s champion rider branch.

And if base game riders, the riders who had to be hired and leveled through separate rider shards, are to become champion riders, they should be through base game season’s champion rider branch.

Or just remove all separate shards and turn them into reds or blues, and award corresponding shards through branch rewards.


Guess both the 5 points and 11% warrior attack are typo. They should be 25 points and 11% warrior HP instead. Anyway, let me try to understand how to make Anja better with the new skill structure/points. Here is my idea,

Edit, is it slightly better than Astrid(ATK/Rage form) ?

Someone in a chat said
35hp, 13 atk, 20 rage for a sorcerer
39 atk, 9 hp, 10 rage, 1 ammo for a hunter

That seems correct to me if the changes to the original tree are typos

It would be nice if that warrior skill was changed to attack though

well, to be honest, I don’t think this is gonna happen, unless PG is posting something crazy wrong, very very crazy. lol.

wait, hold on, yeah… you’re right! That is it if we go through Hunter’s path after reset. My gosh.

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Oh damn, Anja just shoved Yeken off the stage for best offensive rider


Sorry guys i forgot how this worked last season. Are Anja’s shards going to be spread on the whole branch? Meaning, do i have to get the full branch to get those (200?) shards? Blue shards to hire her, red shards till lvl 50 and then 200 new shards. Is this correct?

For Sophia and presumably Anja, you have to hired them using 500 blue atlas shards then level them up to level 50 using red shards and glory. Then you use 200 Anja shards (which will probably be confusing and look just like atlas shards) from the champion rider line to level her up to lv 60. The other 2 will just use their normal rider shards. Because why not make one of the riders extremely confusing and overly complicated instead of just keeping it in atlas and using the gold champion shards on it instead


Yes that would be way simpler. So if you get all Anja’s nodes it’s 200 shards? While for the others is 600. Definitely over complicated anyway. Especially if you already have that gold champion shards system in atlas

So there will be more than 200 anja shards available in the branch but you can only use 200 of them.

Yeah, they’ve made a mess of this champion system by bringing old seasonals into atlas and then bringing old atlas riders into seasonal lines. I really dont understand this need for them to put all the offensive riders in the seasonal lines and all the defensive riders in atlas. Just keep it how it was, put seasonal riders in seasons lines and atlas riders in atlas lines. They could do 2 atlas champion riders a season, one offensive and one defensive. Then in normal seasons do the 3 and have one be defensive for those who dont play atlas. Keep everyone in the same place that they always were instead of overcomplicating everything like PG always does.


Sorry, there are two typos in the original part. :scream:


Boo, you got me excited for extra warrior attack


If the cost structure is the same as previous season, we should pay 8470 sigils to get 200 Anja’s shards which allow us to upgrade him from Lv50 → Lv60. We should stop at the 1st prize on page 2. Just fyi.


Darkmire Champion Rider

:one: Anja

Anja is originally an Atlas Rider, so hiring and leveling up to level 50 requires Atlas Rider Shards. :large_blue_circle: :red_circle:

Edit: added Warrior Rage/ATK set :writing_hand:t2:

:two: Reginald

If you already have Reginald, you don’t need to reset his skills tree. :star_struck:

:three: Rosheen

If you already have Rosheen, she’s a good rider for sorcerers and warriors without leveling her. :partying_face:


One thing I dont get is why dont they put a repeatable node at the end of the line with more rider shards? That way if someone didnt have Rosheen or Reginald they could still do 600 shards for each. The line itself has really horrible prizes for the cost so why not let people get all of multiple riders?

So at lvl 50 Rosheen could still get the max warrior attack?
Arrrgggg, but that line sucks soo much :unamused: