Official Discussion Thread: Frozen Chaos Wave 1.5 Release

What are your thoughts on the Wave 1.5 release for this season?

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Looking forward to the electrum tower branch. I hope it keeps the usual good value.

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You released 135s a week early on purpose. Way to make things unbalanced for a week. I think after this, it’s time to hang up my wings and retire.


Seems like it’s the same as what happened to Ash, Thor. And Kharnyx definitely a let down to just say “hey let’s bring those portraits back but make them as plain the day they came out.” Only thing good is anything none portrait related. Oh and right thanks for mentioning what I forgot to include Purple, the fact that it either is a stupid error or not too bright thinking on their part, it’s not as broken but it isn’t the best idea they put out there.

Edit I’d like to condole to what I originally said about fort levels being able to level outside of fort …. It’s understandable now that the fact is they’ll be away from their work the week during Christmas that will be fortification so my apologies PG.


Leonid? I thought that was Mozrah. I could be wrong.

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Also that 12 days better not be a money grab I just reread it and I feel it’s a money grab instead of benefiting everyone.


It was the right choice to make. As he stated, it’s the holidays, so best to release things like this early so as to not get bugs that are left unfixable for a week.

As for it being unbalanced, not really no. Maybe a few big whales will upgrade early, but would only be a few at most. Pvp shields will be enabled so doesn’t effect atlas. And most teams don’t defend pvp runs in gauntlet as too busy racing. Not to mention that teams rarely go for max bases during this event due to time. Or lack thereof.


You clearly don’t understand the game if you don’t realize the issues here. I’d suggest you speak to your team about it. There’s a lot of great minds there and will help you better understand.

As to my thoughts on wave 1.5.
Well, resurrection branches should never have happened to begin with and are pointless, so meh.

I love spell rider idea in general and this one seems good for warriors and sorcerers, I’m a hunter flyer but I love that PG are trying to find more class balance so that’s a good thing.

The value packs idea, I’m neutral about. I don’t spend because what’s the point when packs are awful.
So depends what these ones look like. But tbh, does seem like it’s a cash grab from a dying game like a lot of what PG are doing lately. Which includes the re hashed portraits. Minimum effort to try and garner interest. Or more bluntly put, sprinkling glitter on a turd and trying to sell it as something special.


Even better don’t just say explain yourself then

We don’t need cat fights okay?

I don’t need to but thank you for the condescending note. Just to volley back at you though, maybe practice flying and things like this won’t worry you.
There are some good flying school line groups out there.
Have fun and merry Xmas.


It’s fine. Some people enjoy the drama and feel clever about how they act on forums. In real life they wouldn’t say boo to a goose. But whatever floats their boat.


I see no reason for this on so many levels :rofl:

First off, I’d assume they would also release den levels needed to max dragons. So if anything, we’ll all have a strong power advantage offensively for a week. Yay.
Second, it’s only a week. Like wow I been playing for a long time one week he’ll one season makes very little difference over the big pictures.
And lastly, if this is what breaks you from the game, the other 99% bothering you should be the real reason, not like this is the first time levels had been released early or content adjusted for holidays cause ya know, holidays and family and such.



Dragons can still go up to 135 (or equivalent strength) lol. Or at least they should be able to. Just depends on den really

I’ll pass on both week 3 branches and wait for the tower line. I do wish we knew though if the new tower will require cosmic charges or just electrums and wood.

Rider spell doesn’t really seem worthwhile and none of the other classes can get max rage so not all that amazing

“but we know that our whales wont wait in order to have an advantage over everyone else”

LMAO, 10k or more and there’s a legendary glyph in it :rofl:

Any word though on when we’ll be able to transform and merge archmages?

New tower to go with it or is that not happening until week 8 (and will there be a 39k sigil week 8 tower branch to go with it?)

Limited time branch? So will it not be available all season?

What will be the situation for Tanok? He originally was a seasonal rider and is reset using rubies but this coming atlas season he is becoming a champion atlas rider. So will he still reset with rubies or will he use diamonds or have an option to use either?

The discount on the reset cost is nice but honestly 5k rubies is still pretty high. It used to be that seasonal riders had generic dragon boosts so you didn’t really need to reset them unless you screwed up. Now though nearly all of the seasonal riders are getting class specific boosts and would require a reset to use them on any other dragon class. IMO reset shouldn’t be any more than 1-2k rubies. Especially since most of the champion riders probably will need to be reset to get the max usage out of their new skills

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Mind explain this @PGrdm ? I didn’t see the fact that S and H were limited edition but is it just an error?

I hope they accidentally let the tower branch be open this week


My guess, that’s the imbalance they are referring to.
But if people need those extra dragon levels to attack bases they are in the wrong league. For my team, and many others, it will make zero difference as we know how to fly.

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What if we already have the winter dwarf skin? Is there the possibility of getting something els? @PGrdm


There is a tower branch week 8. No details though. But I think I read or heard somewhere that it was a half line? And that new tower is being released in line with that. So week 8.

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