Official Discussion Thread: Garrvox

Let us know what you think about our Unchained Festive Dragon

  • I think this festive dragon is gonna be off the chain! (Positive)
  • Not quite sure… (Neutral)
  • Lock this one up in the ancient prison! (Negative)

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meh, looks like another throwaway festive. But then again do any of us actually claim the festive for the dragon? all of mine just sit there unused anyway. The only festive I’ve ever actually leveled and used was Axi
The problem though is that as more tiers are added these useless festive are needing more and more shards. Pretty soon we’re going to at the point where 600 may not even get all the shards needed for them if the amounts for old tiers arent reduced.


In my first impression I thought he is inferior to RAMNAUGHT.
Especially his spell BITING GALE is too complicated for me. :sweat_smile:

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I strongly dislike that you gave a warrior a spell called bounty hunter


So does mend work? Double negative makes me worry.

Any rss nerfs to the festive line?

Good catch! That was a typo. The Mend spell is NOT compatible with Garrvox, for balance purposes.


How is that overpowered exactly? If it is weak and hits a base then suddenly flops then it doesn’t seem so strong too me.

Does the cooldown of Trapper‘s Focus start when you cast the spell or when the duration ends?

It would be a good thing if the festive was a FULL dragon again, with all stones that are available in game now. Not this half thing…

Also, what’s the secondary effect on the runes? In the picture it says „Increase Warr…“ and then it cuts off

They said it was warrior HP during the stream… it’s always damn warrior HP. We need some freaking warrior attack for once or some rage. We haven’t had an HP based warrior since probably Quasar and he did have attack runes :woman_facepalming: :person_facepalming:

They never seem to give warriors and sorcerers the runes they need yet we havent seen any hunters randomly getting hunter hp runes


it might be a nice one to fly. cant wait to test him and see how to handle those new spells

If it’s just for the dragon thalios makes more sense

Biting Gale looks a bit too involved, reading the description, but I’m eager how to see it works in practice. I loved my last festive warrior, Ramnaught, and use him all the time, so I’m hopeful Garrvox will turn out to be a useful dragon too.

I like flying warriors not hunters. Why are so many new warriors getting spells that make you have to fly them like hunters?

Because under the current meta, a classically designed warrior is a sitting duck. Orrey towers Speed him up to a point, you can’t control any of your actions anymore. Iceflak kills his spells for protection and mages drain his rage. End of warrior


Oreo was the main meta change that nullified warriors and sorcs unless they have a dodge or cloak.

They should probably just ditch the tractor beam effect as its now way too hard to build balanced dragons.