Official Discussion Thread: Garrvox

I think he’s beautiful! His spell seems confusing. I feel like they make the gorgeous ones kinda empty in the power department sometimes.

But, ultimately, I just want it to be Wednesday so I can get my last three keys finally. :rofl::star_struck:


Initially it had the pull and a rage freeze effect. I would like to see them remove the pull effect and return the rage freeze. I think that would make the game much fairer imo.

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First Flight .


Could Garrvox’s runes be changed to warrior attack or warrior rage so at least something about him is usable?


So of it’s 2 default spells, when hitting that shield it stops in place and takes damage. So… That means that I can more easily abuse the Island hopping exploit known in Temple Raid :crazy_face: I just need a lead dragon to have some kind of Healing Mark affect and then swap to Garrvox and BAM hit the breaks spell and if about to die, kill the towers with healing marks and hit the shield again and repeat…

Totally not broken PG :upside_down_face:

I think we will still find ways to abuse this dragon. (Temple Raid)

Any dragon can abuse this, hauheset, hauhezen, just let 1 tower up on island 8 and cruise until youre done. So this dragon wont add any value to that.

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True, but this dragon is great for vastly extending time. Meaning for teams that might be slower, this dragon can pretty much camp indefinitely if it has enough health to do so.

… seems like a solution would be to fix the damn exploit like they said they were going to back in November… I know, craaaaaazy idea :crazy_face:


Have I missed something… I finished the Garrvox branch but don’t have all shards to upgrade him past Harbinger?

Need to get a lot of draconics to max hin

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That’s how the festive line works since Fall 2020. The line is only 18.5k so you get enough shards to partially level it up. If you want to level it further then you have to open a lot of draconic chests. Primarily the festive line is about the draconics since the dragons are rarely ever usable on real bases.

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Ramnaught has been fun for me. He’s not a mythic, but I haven’t had time to accumulate lots of good mythics yet. Garrvox looks like he might be fun too. I’ll try him out in a few weeks.

I really want to learn how to fly Nebulon as my first good invoker. I hope I can get him up to a usable level this time. 1200+ draconics from the last two seasons only got him up to level 85.


Sadly, the festive dragons are more expensive than any mythic youre obtaining. Which is actually kind of skewed as a economy.


I’m getting the draconics for resources for the next season anyway. The actual dragon is a bonus, but very expensive like you said.

I love the idea of being able to fly old ones like Nebulon that used to be popular. I didn’t realize it takes 3 or 4 seasons of getting all the draconics to get the older ones up to a usable level. I’m leaving most of them at lower tiers for assault and dungeons. Hueso is doing really well at Harbinger.


That’s why it bugs me when the festives are so mediocre. Obviously the dracs give a lot more than just dragon shards but the festive is still the most expensive dragon we have and yet it almost always is pretty bad. It would be really nice if they’d start putting in more effort to make the festive useful. I think the only festive I’ve ever used for real was Axi.
(Also I am aware that’s not your department and you have no control over them, only replying as one player to another)

Oooh i have hueso at harb is like he is perfect for that tier.

Also ramnaught is very good.It is my second usable dragon after gilas when I started.Cloak spell then aoe damage with dodge is good.I hope garrvox can be usable too I like how he looks.

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Ramnaught is fun for me. He seems about as strong as Barnov, my first seasonal dragon. He’s not outstanding like a few legendaries have been, but I like him.

I’ll give Garrvox a chance next season. It’s always fun to learn how to fly a new dragon well. This will also give me an excuse to finally start leveling up my offensive wind gear.

I’m not as much of a fan of Krampi. He would be better if he had a way to reload ammo like Gilas.

@Paskinel I saw a replay a couple weeks ago where you attacked my base. :slight_smile: You won, but it was close. I bet you couldn’t beat it if I was defending.

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I think Hueso and Nebulon were pretty good! However, with the structure of their release style, I usually don’t even notice until way after the fact because absolutely none of them are viable for me until way into the future when enough shards can be acquired.

I still say to simply make a universal “Festive Shard,” so that you could continue to grow Axi if you wanted. Or, a person can have choice as to which they invest in. I really only use mine for lower tiers in dungeons/assault/temple, but even then-- I usually already have dragons for those tiers so it’s kinda just a waste. :pensive:


I thought krampi was like a display dragon hahahaha.

Ramnaught looks like gilas with armor tbh.
Ramnaught remains to be my only good Earth dragon.Not much to choose from this last 3 seasons.

Hopefully Garrvox won’t be Garrvage…

You do not have aerow?You would have upgraded your wind gears if you have him.

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