Official Discussion Thread: Increasing Nockmar’s Doom Call Cooldown

Please do let us know what you think about this change below. Thank you!

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Thoughts comments opinions… I know we all have them.


I made the right decision to retire my main :joy:


Not fair :rage:


This BLOWS! You FINALLY give us a viable warrior dragon and then SCREW him AFTER we all love him! WTG Pocket Gems. Y’all are doin a bang up job ruining the game for thousands of players. You can’t find the time to fix the issues with black screens and lags but you can screw up and RUIN one of the very few positive things you did give us.


Why not only release useless dragons ingame and have useful dragons only available in the store? Saves PG a lot of work and us players a lot of disappointments. Oh wait I forgot Nockmar is OP


Better late than never, that buff should never have happened to begin with


Somewhat disappointed because I like whomping bases with Nockmar, but it’s probably the right thing to do.

Save that shield on the long kill islands for the inbound howie shot since the freeze won’t reach it.


What a stupid move at a stupid time. That totally stinks … you had all last season and NOW you do this. Totally unfair. !!


You know this statement is complete BS. Hunters always perform above their expected power level and yall never say a word about it. Why? Because it’s your hunterbois what whine and cry and they only do it about things that don’t impact them. I’ve even seen Xul still performing against 135s so where is his nerf?

Didnt seem to be an issue with Ikaros who could lock down an entire long island easily. Or with Calavore who could just keep blinking so towers could never get any shots off.

This right hear shows why PG needs to know how to play their own game. That 2s window means he is going to be dead. His shield does not block rage drain, ice flak super shots or orrery pulls and is easily broken. So no, Dread Aegis does not protect him during that 2s window. And because you guys didn’t bother giving him any ways to recover rage, he’s going to get rage drained and have no options at all.
Im sorry but you guys did not even slightly think this one through. You listened to a bunch of hunter elitist with an agenda to push bitching about a slow warrior being able to beat triple defended bases. Meanwhile nearly every mythic hunter can do that and you do absolutely nothing.

Nockmar is already nearing is end as a lead against maxed towers. His breath damage is low and he will be quickly struggling against 127s and up. Sure his Endless Nightmare will still be able to hit up but if that’s what you’re depending on to kill a base then you’re gonna be doing a 5min or longer run.

Nockmar was fine, he was not a mindless dragon even if that’s what your hunterboi whales tried to tell you. If you mess up with him then he will die. He’s not fast so he’s easy to countersnipe or outspeed with hunters like Quil and Jaal. There was absolutely no reason for this change and certainly not as severe a change as this. Why not just reduce the freeze duration back down to 3.5s like was previously? 2s is far too extreme of a change that will make him useless against defenders. But I guess that’s what the agenda is here, to make warriors useless because that’ what the whales want.

Also I love how yall are focusing on a past dragon rather than focusing on the current poorly performing mythic warrior we have this season.


You mean underperforming warriorbois?


No dear, not at all. No one believes in warrior superiority, no one believes only warriors should be able to take defended bases. That’s the hunter elitists who cry any time a warrior can take their base and have an agenda to push.


If they can fix this they should fix Krelos as well! Reduce his speed and ability to clear bases with no thought…


Sure lovely, whatever dreamworld makes you feel better about your own limitations.


Couldn’t agree more that PG doesn’t know how to fly/play. You’re right, this will nerf him into oblivion against even mildly intelligent defenders.

*I don’t have him, so this change is only positive for me. However I think PG needs to start considering some comp for affected players. Mythics are expensive lol


Just my 2 cents here… I did not like Nockmar’s perma freeze… but 4 secs to 6 secs is an overkill. 4.5 to 5 secs CD would just do fine.

He sits on my perch and I have never flown him. My comments are just from my defense experiences.


[quote=“ZeroDucksGvn, post:10, topic:148853”]
Also I love how yall are focusing on a past dragon rather than focusing on the current poorly performing mythic warrior we have this season.

Well said mate :100: %:ok_hand::beers:

@PGTimber hope y’all reading this. NoK was never a impossible dragon to drop. We do that on daily basis. You guys Just killed a average dragon form a past season just couple of months before he supposed to retire lol… well done PG :clap:t3: Time well spent :clap:t3::clap:t3: We do appreciate all the hard work y’all doing to balance the game :man_facepalming:t2::beers:


I’ve never had problems beating him when I defend.
My maxed Quasar is still better than he is.
Just another perch dragon.
He will enjoy early retirement next fortification when I lvl up my secondary perch.

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Not happy about this, they could have made the cooldown 5 seconds. Original CD had a 1 second timer between the end of the freeze and when the spell was available. Now it’s 2…especially not happy that it’s being nerfed post season. PG is gonna PG…

Now being rage drained is a real issue…with 2 second duration between the end of the freeze and when you can use the spell next., Nockmar is going to be very easy to get rage drained. Keep in mind that Nockmar has no rage regeneration in his spellkit.


Glad I made the choice to hop off the hamster wheel and play when I feel like it. Which is a couple times a week at times. I am not missing the game. This makes me confident I made the right decision and probably won’t try next season either if things continue at the current pace.