Official Discussion Thread - Lowering Mythic/Exotic Rune Removal Costs

Dragon Lords,

Some news! After talking with the GPF and hearing this concern crop up in the community - we’ve decided to make an adjustment to the cost of experimenting with new base layouts.

Mythic and Exotic tier tower runes are very expensive to unequip, which discourages players from experimenting with base layout. We are making a tweak that will lower ruby costs to 1000 and 2000 respectively.

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions - this is the place to ask!

  • Tweak of the week! (Positive)
  • My base is fine, please don’t question it! (Neutral)
  • Ugh, this has runed my day! (Negative)

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Certainly a positive change, but why not allow chisels?


Tweak of the week I like that :rofl: who finds those @PGGalileo


Galileo’s got jokessss!


I knew I should have just waited a little longer lol. In all seriousness though I think this is a wonderful change and will definitely benefit all players.
@PGGalileo thank you very much for taking this to the team.


Tweak of the week :joy:


The picture above is a true depiction of a Gal in the wild.


QoL improvements for the win!

Hopefully there’s more to come :slight_smile:


Too bad we couldn’t be reimbursed
Like a dummy I probably spent over 50k rubies switching stuff around. At least it will benefit those that haven’t gone to long base lol


ugh, this is so true.


Finally a Tweak that’s worth a Retweet! TY! :green_heart:


Very happy to hear this. It’s still rather pricey but still better than before. Personally I think all rune rarities should be a the same flat amount but this is at least a move in the right direction but many people still wont be able to afford this kind of cost if they want to try out a new layout and then decide it didnt work and need to move them back. I’d say 500-1000 rubies should be the highest it goes

Im glad I didnt decide to try things out last week


Get the Players who already spend so much their Rubies back or is it just new and nothing happens to the players who already spend so much?


what happens if you just moved runes last week? any chance of a small refund?


Exactly, while I’m happy for the change and have been pestering help desk for months for this. Unfortunately, I finally broke down and spent around 24k rubies moving runes and changing my setup this last fort. So great tweak but bummer those who recently spent a fortune in rubies to move runes they had to spend a lot of sigils getting in the first place won’t be compensated.


A fellow officer on my team spent 50k rubies last week changing his base about. Now i get to rib him with this new change. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so gal :heart:


I did :see_no_evil:
Please do not leave out legendaries🙏


After I already recycled my exotic earth flak runes, oh well. Getting rid of all my earth flaks anyways.

Very positive change. Of course, it should have been done during the open build fortification week when people actually usually make changes to layouts. But welcome nonetheless.

Hopefully the team is also looking a chisels and dragon runes. The development team spends significant time creating new dragons each tier and season. But let’s be honest. Most are regulated to being nothing more than being breed leveled then dumped on the trash heap because it is cost prohibitive, if not outright impossible, to experiment with rune layouts to see if they can be viable at tier.

Agree. I don’t bother with legendaries as its just too costly to remove the runes and glyphs if they turn out to be turds.

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Better but as already mentioned why not chisels? Or free? Why is there even a cost to try different layouts? You’re not going to lose money by allowing players to test multiple layouts over and over without having to spend a fortune.