Official Discussion Thread - New Temple Raid Button

Hello gang, if you haven’t seen by now - there is a NEW Temple Raid button. You all asked for it last December, and we’ve delivered :muscle: – you can discuss the new button here and ask questions about how it works, or whatever else you’re curious about (as long as it’s button related).

Tell us whatcha think:

  • Oooo new shiny button I’mma press it (Positive)
  • I’d trade that button for some mutton (Neutral)
  • I’ll raid my temples the old fashioned way, thank you! (Negative)

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Hit the positive button :heart_eyes: this one deserves positive vibes from all


Im very much looking forward to it, it’s something we’ve needed for a long time. Finally there is some actual “raid” in Temple Raid.
I’ve loved this event since it was added but grinding those guardians over and over and over… and over does really kill the joy. So this is a fantastic QoL improvement that will help restore my love for this event.
The 2 energy cost also seems pretty fair given the time you save.

My only real complaint is that every league having access to it does massively reward sandbagging in Platinum league. Now when they clear those 50+ temples there wont even be much work needed. I would like to see it either restricted to Sapphire and above, the HP for islands to be standardized across all leagues or as mentioned in another topic that the guardian payouts for each league be increased as you go up. It’s rather illogical for Islands to have so much higher HP in Sapphire and Diamond but still only give the same point payouts from Guardians.
You guys arent going to really be able to stop sandbagging unless you make massive core game changes BUT you can reduce the appeal of it by actually rewarding being in those higher and more costly leagues



Yes :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:


The sandbagging is really something I wish could be prioritized. They gobble up the league rank prizes with no effort…it is very frustrating.
To stay on topic, I haven’t gotten to where I can use the raid button yet but really excited to see the qol improvement


Awesome change tyvm :slight_smile:


This deserves an @PGGalileo

I’ll add a simple fix for sandbagging in main game is to remove ranking points from wars, so teams can’t throw wars to move down.


Thanks :hugs::blush::+1:

New button must press the shiny thing, I mean who wouldn’t want to?


I love the shiny new button :star_struck:

Yes! Completely agree :duck:


Temple Raid button! Thank youuuuuuu :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::partying_face::tada::dog::orange_heart:


Hey everyone, PSA: your raid button won’t show up unless you complete guardians to 100%

So to my fellow 70% completion gang, make sure to go the extra mile to reap the benefits :partying_face:


Re: bullet point no. 3 “…raiding will be unlocked… for the rest of the event.” and succeeding TR event? Or, unlocking “raiding” resets every TR event? :thinking: :green_heart:


Oh for frick sake pg :roll_eyes: you had to go assault on our butts

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I expect that it resets every event tbh


I won’t be hugely disappointed if it doesn’t reset each TR :smiley:


Aww :pleading_face: :green_heart:


I would have appreciated some communication about this ahead of time but other than that anyone who doesn’t think this is a positive is trippin

edit: to clarify I don’t really care so much about the communication ahead of time due to the fact that this is great, I should have said it’s weird that there wasn’t any but whatever it’s here so yay

You are correct with the rest but this idea is a terrible one. Making platinum so miserable that nobody wants to be there is not the way.


How? How would this change anything at all from how platinum was 2 days ago and how it will be on Tuesday? How does not getting this make platinum a miserable place to be? Platinum league already enjoys much easier to kill islands and gets a lot more free points than the higher leagues do. Why should they also get the benefit of easily clearing all those temples?