Official Discussion Thread - Radiant Tier Dragons

It’s time to discuss the new Radiant Tier!

Which Radiant dragon do you think will shine the brightest?

  • Ammak
  • Solarius
  • Novarrion
  • Ren

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Alright I’m confused, why does a legendary from tier 21 max out at 140* equivalent instead of being equivalent to a level 150 dragon/tower?

That’s from Ralen, at max legendary he was balanced at 140 and at level 50 he was balanced at 145 towers


I dont see it mentioned, does the second cast also cost 1 rage?

For Night’s Last Vestige and Sunrise, is it 2s duration and then 4s cd or does the cd run alongside the duration so 2s later you can cast the next spell?

Any particular reason this says heals 0% hp? If it doesn’t have a healing effect then why mention it at all?

The invoker has 5 spells listed but none of them say that they cycle, is this correct?
Also in the flight vid that one of the CF had, it looked like the Invoker’s 1-shot had a very large radius, easily large enough to hit 4 or 5 towers. What is the radius on Invoker: Darkbolt and on Darkness Rising?

Do any of these dragons have abnormal stats for their class/tier like Zahhak or Garrvox did?


Umm, weren’t these dragons supposed to be 2150 egg fragments? That’s what the CF was given to tell us. Why the cost increase?


I gave CF the wrong info initially (sorry about that CF)-- a bad copy & pasta job on me (my bad folks). The slight increase is correct.


What is invoke area of effect size?

If we don’t discuss it, will you not release it?


So 427k eggs per dragon,why the increase? Too many whales with millions of eggs again?


It would be nice if there was a multiple choice vote because I like the sorcerer only for it’s design I’m not so sure about it’s spells but odds are the hunter will be way to OP.

Curious about this also. But more that I want to see the effect in play.
Alot of these spells that have a heal element you can use as a dodge for damage.

Krelos and Quilleth are 2 that come to mind, use their heal spell just before a howi or mage (confirmation needed) shot lands and it will negate the hit

Lame. You guys are really getting out of hand with all of these costs yet not increasing egg token payouts. Costs keep going up but quality certainly is not.

I dont see any mention of needing all 4 monarch dragons before being able to breed or hatch these new dragons. I thought part of the point of these 4 dragon tiers was that you needed to complete the previous tier before moving onto the next. Does this mean we dont need to breed the whole tier and can stop at just the 2 needed to evolve our seasonals/built new tower levels?

This is incorrect. Both of those dragon’s heal spells gives brief invincibility which is what negates the attack hitting. But an ice flak ss can erase that invincibility


What is going on with the invoker? In the spotlight video it has 5 spells and one of them is a cycle spell (??) with a blue cloak (???) if the invoker has 5 spells why don’t the other dragons?

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I think something is wrong there because that spell has the exact same icons as the warrior’s cycling spell

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Can y’all please be mindful of dragon elements from previous tiers when creating the next tier.

Just looking at warriors alone, this will be the 2nd back to back earth warrior. And before them it was 3 back to back wind warriors. It’s frustrating and seasonal dragons shouldn’t have to be needed to fill the lineage gaps.


All the icons seem messed up. Also the warriors blue spell is 1 rage in the video but 0 in the post?

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That too, I totally missed that. So who knows what we can believe until Morreion gets them uploaded to Neon. It’s really annoying that there are so many inconsistencies with what they advertise


These prices are getting out of control … inflation is worse in game than than real world.

What’s pathetic is the fact that these costs are 100% controllable.

There’s been no change in the economy in forever and it’s a simple adjustment that needs made.

Why do you want to force players to quit? I don’t understand your logic.


Thank you for publishing a demonstration of dragon flights. PG, can you record videos on the example of modern databases? The guns that are present in the video have not been used by 100% of players in this game since 2017 they are old. Video with new tools, please.

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In the spotlight video, Ren has a blue spell called „light‘s last vestige“ cycling with „duskfall“. It seems to be a cloak, however none of this is mentioned in the forums post. Can we get some clarification on what‘s actually going to be released?

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I‘d say darkbolt has radius 12.0 like Sylphen‘s ethereal chains and darkness rising has radius 8.0 like entrap (Ronin‘s WoB for comparison 2nd pic bottom right has radius 10.0)

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