Official Discussion Thread: Re'Gyn

Let us know what you think about the Dreadfrost Festive Dragon!

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The most gorgeous dragon of this season - would have loved him as mythic


İ like this dragon

There seems to be some conflicting info out regarding this dragon’s spells.


I mean its a festival dragon. They never stack up to a regular seasonal legendary and it definitely doesnt stack up to a seasonal mythic. So it makes sense theres going to be conflict on this dragon.

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This guy’s spell kit isn’t even good at all. The only use for this guy is Temple Raid, Assault, or hitting down.


Shoot that’s perfect for me. I just love collecting more and more dragons.


PG, I really appreciate the unique feel of this dragons spellkit. It’s super cool on paper, but I worry that its trying to do too much in practice. It also looks absolutely stunning which is great news, but it seems very underpowered compared to legendaries from a year or more ago. Legendaries should be useful again. They wont be useful to endgame players which is fine, but they should be able to hold their own for smaller players….that used to be the case, I hope thats the case again in the future.


Neutral. No healing is a no no for me. Otherwise I’d like the spell kit and the look of this dragon.


Actually just saw the conflicting info. how can you butcher info you give to cf so often? As usual, i don’t know what to think if i can’t trust info.


Yes no healing make this dragon not useful with deff :crazy_face:
But it festive, so )
All will get it for draconic :slightly_smiling_face:


Neon lists this spell as restoring 50% ammo while the post says 25%. Which is correct?

Neon also include the taking 20% increased damage part, is correctly supposed to be listed in the spell effects?

Is there any info on the increased amount of dragon shards per drop from the Draconic chests? Neon has it needing 1183 ReGyn shards to reach Wrath tier, roughly how many chests will be required to reach that now because 600 didnt provide enough Pezizo shards previously to max him at his current level at the time.

Overall the dragon seems meh but we dont get the dracs for the dragon anyway. I just want to be done with his shards asap so Im not missing out on better drops.


I think this dragon has some major flaws, mainly in the red spell. Dragons without heal can work but only if their spells synergize well with each other.
That‘s not the case as the red spell debuffs towers making them deal less damage but with Re‘gyn having no way to heal anyways you don‘t want to get hit at all, screw 50% damage reduction. Also making it like crumble to dust on an 8s cooldown?? Way too long to ever use that second cast.

I think if it had maybe a passive 2% heal on tower kill to make it less punishing and synergizing better with the shield (since you’ll take damage basically whenever it breaks because single hits usually never land on the hp breakpoint of it, but overshoot it in damage [meaning say 50% gets absorbed, shield breaks and the other 50% of the damage still hits you]).

Additionally, I‘d change the red spell and replace it with some sort of disabling spell like desiccating sand or a freeze like Xul or Jaalkan had.

As it is rn though, this one goes straight to the den with the draconics being the only reason to be getting this line


Have we heard yet if we will actually get enough shards to to get this dragon to a max tier?

We dont yet. The line gives 253 shards which gets him to Empyrean. You need 1058 to get him to radiant currently

Epic Regyn drops gives 3 shards
Legendary Regyn drops gives 90 shards
Legendary Regyn drop gives 110 shards

I dont remember what the previous season’s drop numbers were

Looks ? 10/10 but no way to regain health or rage ?? :disappointed: could have done better

How Can I get him? I’m new on the game and like Pezizo I can’t discover how.

He’s a festive so is Pezizo you need sigils first and to upgrade him you need Draconics.

you can find pezizo shards in draconic chests, but who knows how many you’d have to open

but where i can find him to buy with sigils? In the branch only have his shards