Official Discussion Thread: Season Leaderboards Update

Welcome! What are your thoughts on the Season Leaderboard Update? Are you a fan of the recently introduced Dragon Skins? Do you like the new Portraits? Anything you would you like to see? Share and discuss with fellow Dragon Lords below!

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Moja should be exclusive :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


The addition of dragon reskins is AMAZING! Rewards for spending that are special but provide no competitive advantage are greatly appreciated :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


I love the dragon skins! Just makes me sad that I probably won’t get one for one of the mythics, but love that they are there for spenders.

@PGTimber It may just be me, but I would greatly appreciate a refresher on what gets points again in threads about the leaderboard. How many points does each chest give, etc.


Love the skins, very meh on more leaderboards


Me too! I always have to hunt for it when opening chests. It would be great if this could be added in game.


Love the addition of the skins, and how it’s attainable for more than just the very top. I’m all ABOUT that Nock skin!

I wish there was a purple mythic one lol


LIke the portraits!!! And happy to see a cool one like Moja for those who don’t do as well in the season. Reskins…I personally have no thoughts on them.


I like the idea of skins and avatars as prizes but I don’t resonate with any of the current avatars up for grabs. The skins look gorgeous though, even though I probably won’t be able to achieve them, personally. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also wish there were ways to reward the average player? I may not spend a ton but I feel I’ve put a lot of my time into this game. Sometimes it would be nice to have other ways to achieve things instead of having no hope to get anything exclusive. I’d still really like to see Annual portraits that can be unlocked based on how long you’ve played the game; and a birthday portrait (one, male and one female to be selected. OR-- some sort of badass animal one so that it’s not a gender issue). I also wouldn’t mind “Scavenger Hunt” ones in which you have to kill 1000 storm towers or whatever the laundry list would be.


@Zamirathe :blush:

@PGTimber if you want to add it :fire:


Thank you. Looks like Platinum got cut off. Going to assume it is higher points than draconic. :smiley:


You’re right :joy: don’t know why my phone did this. Sorry, I uploaded it again :blush:


Question: if say I finish top 500, do I get the mythic reskin and the legendary reskin or just the mythic one?


Last season you could bought it with the coins, so if you was rang 500, you got enough coins to buy your final prize but have to bought all prize/portrait before your prize as well :sweat_smile: so I think it is additional


@PGTimber great first info thread from you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you’ll rock this :fire:🦫


I just realized there was an announcement thread I should‘ve read before voting here :man_facepalming: :rofl:
Skins and portraits look awesome!


You guys can pay off my student loans. I promise it would be more entertaining than a dragon skin.


Nice addition, however I do feel this just further shows how overpriced the skins in the mythic lines are

Im also still not overly impressed with skins that are just color changes and would rather see actual design and/or element changes. Like that Nockmar skin would be great if it changed him to ice or that Steelwing skin changed him to dark.


I will probably never get those portraits/skins. Skins are cool though, wish it would be more than just a color change, I like the ideas @ZeroDucksGvn said, changing the design or element would be nice


Or maybe instead of having spell riders which work on every dragon and thus creates potential balance issues, maybe different skins could offer a different add-on spell for that dragon so you only need to check balance for that one dragon instead of multiple other dragons. Like Nock’s line skin could boost his breath damage further. The leaderboard skin could add increased rage gain or give it adaptive resist

I think there’s several directions they could go to make these skins more worthwhile and justify the cost rather than just shifting the colors