Official Discussion Thread: Season Leaderboards

Alright, for all of you hyper-competitive Dragon Lords looking to make your name know across Atlas… introducing Season Leaderboards: Introducing Season Leaderboards

What say ye?

  • Come find me, challengers! (Positive)
  • I just want the portraits! (Neutral)
  • More like Season Leader-boreds! (negative)

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Sounds nice, something you can play for but not have to.

Edit: need to read better :slight_smile:


So sounds like a way for potato grinders and P2P potatoes to get more stuff


While I enjoy the overall idea, this just seems extremely pay to win. May the whales have fun duking it out. :whale::facepunch:t2:


Let the whales fight over some portraits. Portraits are not going to influence me making smart decisions by saving my chests for next season.


I don’t like how their are portraits that people can’t really have just saying I can’t even hit the leaderboard and I didn’t care but what this just did was make me extremely discouraged cause who cares about leaderboard ranking? I know it’s a lot of resources but still in PvP you wasting too much resources just as breeding, it also seems like another way people will want to hack and cheat at the event to. The only thing I like is the change of resources. It’s extremely unfair to people who like those portraits and second the cheaters will want those resources to just like with assault

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Yeah, definitely seems like pay to earn if this isnt going to be running at the start of the season when F2P/E2P players open all their chests

One request/suggestion for the art team, please stop making such tiny portraits where the character is zoomed out and you cant really see them. The old portraits where they were zoomed in to above the waste or knees were much better. I like to actually be able to see the portrait.
This is way too zoomed out

There have always been portraits that not everyone can get. It’s not unfair, portraits dont do anything or give any kind of advantage


They do look pretty though some people might want them but will feel discouraged as me.

Amen :rofl: it’s best to just accept that there’s just a few players fighting to win this, for the rest of us it’s just some more lag contribution


The Inferna Malevola is pretty nice but I have other portraits. I like the idea of doing portrait boarders though

Now if they were dragon portraits like Chunk and Axi then I’d be outraged


If the whales are satisfied then I’m satisfied. I’d rather P2W be for portraits than in-game advantages.

Long live P2W portraits!


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for thousands of dollars this should be picasso or kooning sh*t :flushed:


Watch people wanting to ripe each other’s heads off for wasting their own time and money caring for dang S2P ranks that are pretty pitiful

Event placing is fine, some people hold back in one event and then going on a killing spree the other event, so it’s not always all the same people, but opening chests is a very unnecessary source of points :face_with_raised_eyebrow: like, why


An event or competition where you have to open chests to win?? I am not surprised. PG trying to get us to open chests :thinking:

Bronze still gives decent amount of point as opposed to the others (cost-wise), hence chest point shouldn’t matter :woman_shrugging:


It does not matter, I don’t see the need to include chests in the first place :woman_shrugging:t3: For the sake of competition I don’t.

Love the idea of the avatar, they’re awesome… but this seems like a “pay to win” type situation.


:thinking: For people not tied to their team, get what you want out of the season then drop down leagues for faceroll personal. Good thing that the rewards aren’t good enough to make that particularly worthwhile, though :rofl: , though it does still reward sandbagging and the P2W for the rest.

Again, though, as long as it stays a portrait/other fancy graphics instead some sort of competitive advantage :woman_shrugging: