Official Discussion Thread: Strange Lands Wave 3 - Ramnaught

What are your thoughts on the Strange Lands Festive Earth Warrior?

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Excited to see some defended runs… damage output seems a little lower to do well with hammer spam

Might make a good crystal caves dragon

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This theme of slowing down flying speed doesn’t seem appealing for atlas. His art is cool! A warrior who cloaks is interesting, but I’m not sure he’s overall wowing me? :thinking:


What’s the duration of UNSTOPPABLE? I only see a cooldown time

Overall he seems pretty weak, his breath boost wont be enough to deal with hammers and he has no way to deal with problematic towers like shields and mages

2 rage also seems too high for Smoke Cloud when it already has a short duration and long cooldown.


Cerberath had a cloak-like spell. I don’t believe he was particularly popular.



So only 150 Draco chests this time?

Cloak duration is too short for a warrior. Damage boost is also not enough.

Seems like PG never listen to players about making a viable dragon anymore. Why do you guys wasting time and resources to make mediocre dragons all the time?

PG, can we have dragon enhancements? I want to feed my useless linear mythic warriors to this dragon and make it better?

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It’s always 150 claims. 150 x 4 = 600 chests


right you are🤪


Wow. Not good. Nearly died, undefended, with an add on spell.

This just further goes to show that the entire warrior class needs a large damage bump. We’ve already seen time and time again that if they dont have massive damage boosts then their breath is useless against towers they’re supposed to be scaled for.

Having warrior attack glyphs out there that gives 8% and research that gives 4%-6% is a complete joke when even 250% doesnt cut it. Either the warrior class needs to get a huge boost their their breath damage or warrior research and runes need to provide A LOT more than they do.

When a dragon pretty much needs at least a 400% boost to compete with 1 defender’s hammers then there’s something really wrong that needs to be addressed


They should go back and re do the research values… not add nodes just change the values for the warrior attack boosts to more realistic levels


He does seem underwhelming though I still got him so I can get some chests.

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I don’t know if I had put it up here yet but the passive spell from ceberath or quarsa should be what base line damage of warriors, the longer they focus on a tower the stronger their flame would become
It should not even be a spell here but that’s what the warriors class need


Would you say that the ineffectiveness of the base warrior class is due to the tower scaling being dispropotionate to the warrior damage scaling or that bases simply have better (aka maxed elite and mythic gear) gear as time passes?

I want to say the latter, but that’s just a personal anecdote.

This one. Gear for bases and dragons are the same so that’s not really an overall issue

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Are these discussion thread going anywhere? PG keeps giving us mediocre dragons after showing us beautiful art works.

It’s a shame to see these beautiful log in screens and realize most of them are useless. I have a feeling PG doesn’t care about the game anymore. Festival dragons are bad after bad. What are we celebrating here?


I do always wonder if the art team gets frustrated that they work so hard on putting out great artwork for dragons and riders only for them often to end up being garbage that no one really uses.