Official Discussion Thread: Unearthed Season Champion Riders

well, you seem not pay attention on the amount of Sophia shards.

Do either of you have a level 50 Sophia? It clearly states in the announcement that 4 nodes is enough to level any of the riders from 50-60. Nowhere does it say that she needs 200 like the other two

Not true for Sophia. Don’t you know this game? Everything is subject to change… :rofl:

unless it only takes 64 shards to upgrade Sophia from 50 to 60? I highly doubt that is the case.

Yes I have her at 50 and its 20 pink shards to get her to 51.

You may want to look into what you’re saying first to find out if it is actually true, which it isnt. You need all 200 sophia shards for her to reach lv 60 which currently requires you to do the entire line. There is no possible way currently to have excess sophia shards

This statement was false for how Sophia’s shards currently work.


And you’re conveniently ignoring the multiple sources that clearly state that you can redeem more shards than needed for Sophia

This part as well:

It is possible to redeem more shards than you can use from the branch, please be careful to only redeem the amount of champion rider shards for Sophia that you need.

Show me actual proof then because I have already shown you proof there are no extra shards for Sophia. It’s not “conveniently ignoring” anything when what is stated is wrong.

12 rider shard nodes, 11 of those offer 16 sophia shards and the last one offers 24
16 x 11 = 176 + 24 = 200 shards total in the line for her.


Well have you actually checked how much shards does the branch contains? In total there are only 200 Sophia Shards, you need 20 per level for 10 levels, come on just do the maths or use a calculator to get the total shards in the branch…

@PGCarlos please address this issue, the official announcement seems to contradict what appears in the line

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:rofl: at those people arguing on here without looking at the data first


It’s just sad 39k sigils allows you to claim 3 riders from level 50 to 60 previously (200 shards each).

With this Sophia debacle, 39k sigils only allows you to claim 1 single Sophia to 60 (lvl 50 to 60). The other 2 riders are kick to the curb. If you claim both anno and Kazane to 60 (200 shards each = 400 shards), you’re stuck with a lvl 52 or 53 ish Sophia :expressionless:

(Edit: I have already completed the full 39k line. 39k sigils is needed in its entirety to claim Sophia from Lvl 50 to 60. And you will not have any shard branches left for either Anno nor Kazane)

As stated. In previous seasons. The same 39k sigils allows you to claim all 3 riders from lvl 50 to 60 and expert it. (200 shards x 3 = 600 shards for 39k) now you can’t with this Sophia atlas rider. If you gonna merge legacy atlas rider into main seasonal branch, well at least let people claim all 3 riders with 39k sigils like before. So yes. Not happy about it. Not about cost what not. In principle it’s just ain’t right. But :man_shrugging:t2:


Damn I hadn’t even noticed that. I had not expected there was another way to make this line even worse :man_facepalming:


PG: “We strive to surpise our players, achieve the unexpected and go beyond the imaginable :wink:



I’m disappointed with the truth that 39k sigils needed to upgrade only sophia from 50-60
Not worth it at all and I think this is not as stated before. :-1:


Easier choice like this, no need to claim this line :relieved:



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So glad I was busy today and didn’t get the branch. Was looking forward to leveling Ano and Sophia from lvl 50 to 60.

Still shocked that 39k sigils would only get Sophia from lvl 50-60. Which means that 39k sigils nets me +6% hp, +3% atk, and +2% rage for a hunter. That is damn pathetic.

Champion Riders (Resurrection) branch brings back old material and theoretically should save PG time and resources to produce. Due to that, shouldn’t the branch provide higher than average rss? Not become one of the worst offered.

Just like last season, will be shocked if PG responds to this. They will need time to figure some form of damage control. Either way, my faith in the validity of any response is nominal.