Official Discussion Thread - Wrath Tier Dragons

It’s time to discuss the new Wrath Tier!

Which Wrath dragon do you think will be the most feared?

  • Yamethra
  • Skreetus
  • Gortamor
  • Taipan

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All 4 will need some kind of a buff, imo.


Hi Everyone,
So I decided to breed Taipan. Looked like a cool dragon, why not. So I have him capped in level right now. I have mythic/exotic gear on suresh level 50 (not level 60), and I have 5 mythic runes/glyph equipped and he is boosted (See first picture).

I think there is something wrong with his damage/sec calculation because it is only 256 million and you can TOTALLY tell when trying to hit top tier bases. So he is messed up right now.

To compare, look at my Ren. Level 40 (not mythic), no gear, no rider, and his damage per second NOT BOOSTED is 1.03 BILLION.

Does anyone else think this is a coding error in this dragon’s dmg/sec???


@DragonPunch please see my above post
his invoker ammo is WAY TOO LOW and for a new tier and top tier dragon boosted with runes and riders and all the fancy gear… he is below that of ren with no boosts, no rider, no gear, no nothing.

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155 Towers laugh at him with this damage/sec. His DPS should be similar to sothe for example. My sothe, unascended but with gear and rider, is like 3 billion. So yeah… TAIPAN needs some coding fixes.

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Warrior can’t attack while cloaked, extremely rage heavy, one shot can’t take out two towers even in the sweet spots, too long of cooldown for the cloak. Ultimately very disappointed for such a beautiful design

467k token blown for a fancy paperweight

hoping the mythic version makes it usable


Warrior cloak should probably be used only to avoid rage drain, I guess. :confused:

I’m going to wait until the very last day of the breeding event to breed anything.

If nothing happens, then I’ll just breed warrior to have my ice defensive gear set to be used once again when the warrior becomes a mythic. :joy:

That’s as good of a plan as any.

I think there should be a fifth option.


My thoughts exactly.

Which Wrath dragon do you think will be the most feared?
:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming: Pura basura :put_litter_in_its_place: :wastebasket:


I bought , leveled and runed this Dragon so you don’t have to .

It’s a very fancy looking paperweight :ok_hand:t2:

Dear PG , please provide a 5th option in the poll saying None of The Above .


I like your sense of humor…
After the last season dragons, relatively worthless dragons have been created again.
But let me guess, the dragons will surely get even better when they become mythic, right?
Too bad about all the money we spend here :expressionless:

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Although im no where close to breeding these dragons. Based on peoples opinion flying them already, they sadly seem like the type that are “good in there, but crappy in practice.” Meaning they looked better, at least their design and artwork, on paper then they do being flown, their spells and everything else.

Warrior is an absolute turd. 33B attack and can’t even handle undefended 150lv towers LOL. PG I would like y chisels back please.


Dragons looked bad on paper already but somehow they managed to make it even worse :upside_down_face:

Hunter‘s ammo penalty is way too much, cloak cooldown too long, damage too low, trap too small and short duration

Warrior‘s oneshot is too small, cloak cooldown too long and doesn’t allow breath attack which makes it really bad because warriors don’t do enough burst damage, shield doesn‘t block ss and orrery pull

Invoker is broken, deals pitiful amount of damage so it effectively sits in arcanum tier → cannot be tested reasonably

Sorcerer I haven‘t heard a single word about yet, but why should anyone breed it. Sorcerers always suck and looking at the spells in preview told us everything we had to know

Overall, not impressed at all but can‘t say I‘m surprised


In the past, there were sometimes really good dragons. Perhaps it would be possible to reinstate the employees responsible for this at the time? Or just someone who knows something about his job or the game…

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PLEASE :grimacing:

I mean I love their artwork/design and thats on paper :confused: but that might be the only thing really.

But again I dont have a hat to throw into the rink due to not being an endgame player. I can only really comment on how they look and pass along peoples compliments to players i know that are endgame.

Agreed, artwork is good, I was merely talking about spellsets looking bad