Oh Look! That same thread again


Ooo… no one mentioned the “Hey we demand an apology gift!” threads… love those… the sense of entitlement… smh.


What about, “I don’t understand why my thread got closed, what was wrong with these forum violations that I will now repeat…”?


Hilarious list :joy::+1:

Maybe some of these will also make it on the list:

  • Unfair War Tactics
  • Scaling Gold Chest content
  • No item XY in gold chests! (And posting a single pull of 10 chests)
  • Player threatening PG to sue them or getting Apple/Google refunds
  • Certain team vs. certain other team trolling/bashing threads
  • Pointing out general minor issues but tagging the whole PG company

EDIT: Just found another one:

  • Increase rewards for defending, 1 ruby is worthless


Let’s not forget the “We should be able to trade dragons with teammates!” threads.


That was the first thread I’ve seen on the subject. It would be awesome to do so … no more shortage of egg tokens. :drooling_face:


It’s already on there…


Whoopsie-doodles lol. I can’t read :joy::sweat_smile:


Where are my silver chests? (Plz add if it’s not there)


It’s not, good suggestion!

  • Let us recycle old buildings crowding the storage (many variations)
  • Give us a trading post/auction hall for items (personal or with other players, global or within the team)

Not easy to find “cursed subjects” now, the best ones (evostones, Atlas) have already been mentioned. Maybe we could add the number of each instance we find, like 13 threads about evostones… Or the “pearls” as examples…


Open trading? No. Too easy to exploit. But a trading post/bazaar where you could trade a fixed number of items a day by submitting an offer that another player could accept… that has worked well in other games, and could be used to balance the disparity in resources.

To make it the easiest to use, you’d most likely trade items for rubies.


salvage tower?

Salvage in storage

You do realize that the purpose of this thread is absolutely not to discuss about the themes mentioned, but a collection of subject that have become a pollution or literally a curse being posted again and again. If you take it seriously, you’re off-topic in the off-topic section of the forum :grin:


Rofl… thx for pointing that out! I truly did forget I was on the LOLZ thread! Which, btw, is awesome!

Eek, if that isn’t saying " go to bed" I don’t know what is!

Thankfully I didn’t reply to the guy about the salvage tower… :scream:

  • Glitches, Oh my!
  • Event is late, I’ve been waiting a whole five minutes!
  • It’s like an airport here. I keep getting airplaned.

:joy:please do not take any remarks seriously. :joy:


Related to “That person is cheating” and “Glitches, oh my” (@LadyPUNK ) we have

  • my replay video shows that the dragon is invulnerable/invisible/kills far ahead of where it flies/other. Pick your poison.


“I’m getting rubies instead of chests.”

“I can’t claim chests. There is an error message. Oh nevermind I restarted and it’s working now.”


@Lutrus I couldn’t tag you in that last one.

I’ve just discovered that there is a limit to the number of people you can tag in a single post (10).


This is interesting information. I didn’t realize there was a limit :sweat_smile:


Atleast he got a mention. I didn‘t get one at all :sob: