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New Spell Ideas

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Have to say my favourite one has to be I can’t claim my silver chest. when sigils or runes take over. Always brings a smile to me.


Uhh, I just created one of those threads and sure enough, 8/10 spells I made mere OP. Then again, half the spells in the game are OP. Lots of spells have a high chance of killing an island, though they don’t just come out and say it.


Not true…


That’s the farthest thing from the truth I’ve seen in a while. They might LOOK op if a skilled flier is using them but there are definitely, definitely spells that don’t do much and/or aren’t worth the time—though I’m certain every spell has its usefulness. Some are just more useful than others. I’d say that no spells are necessarily “OP.”


We should definitely add “My screen is too dark” to the list now, even though it’s quite early to make it as mainstream as the others… :rofl:


Yep, this one feels like it needs adding to the list :laughing: I only found 3 when I did a search of the forums, but it feels like there were a lot more than that…


How about any of the “game updated and now its broken” threads? Although, a lot of the complaints end up under the announcements so I’m not sure it would count.


@Cloak and @hellraptor, there are DEFINITELY spells that can be used to kill a whole island. If the guy who built the base has maxed out his base, he might have one or two islands without mages. If this is true, a level 1 ember when equipped with an invincibility shield and starting w/ a full rage bar can wipe an island clean w/ death gaze. OP.
A white dreadfull roar, given enough time, can kill an island.
If it’s a bad base, a thunderbolt (white lightning) can almost kill an island.
There are more but being a new player that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


These are specific scenarios, if it can’t work on any base all the time, then it’s not op.


I know there are, but it doesn’t necessarily make them OP. Killing one whole island (which doesn’t happen all the time, but can happen frequently if the base is shit) doesn’t make something OP.


All this OP talk. Smh, UnseatedDonkey is OP :eyes: no need for speculation. Wait, what…


so? These are just ones I can remember. Look around. There’re plenty of OP spells. Take the divines. Divines aren’t so OP without OP spells. Otherwise, they’re just legendary/mythic dragons, which you can breed.


Sorry. This is a thread about thread, so please bring your spell discussion into spell thread…


How about ‘I wish there weren’t so many threads about X’ threads?

Yeah, I just went meta on us all.



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Lutrus already suggested this


One specifically is trading or exchanging items, the other is sending with no expectation of anything in return. A minor difference, but a difference.


Just seen a new one. Got runic chests in my runs but can’t claim them as they aren’t showing.

Damn were we all this green or are some people greener than others.:upside_down_face: