Oh Look! That same thread again


They’re already there - just a different way pf phrasing it.

But thanks for contributing towards my little archive!


Sorry for the duplicate @UnseatedDonkey


I got a new one for you… The in game forum log in is broken :laughing: I think we’ve had about 4 of those threads now, and each time the in game forum log in breaks we’re liable to get a new one if one of the older ones isn’t still open :joy:


Which its STILL broken lol


Really annoying, the forum login being broken, again, LOL. Makes it more irritating to catch up on everything i missed over the last few weeks, which, judging from what im reading thus far, is a LOT of VERY bad changes…


@UnseatedDonkey I just realized there’s another one that needs to be added to the list (besides the one about in game forum log in being broken for the umpteenth time…)

You really need to add “Water Dragon isn’t working — why don’t my defends count?” to the list. It shows up a lot :woman_facepalming:


Oh oh, and wheres my global chat! Seen that one a few times already…


I was about to make a topic about that yesterday because I didn’t know event defenses didn’t count for it :cold_sweat: but I saw the topic today and now I know lol :t_rex:


Dude Jonesy, you’ve been gone for weeks. If you’re going to cut the cord … now is the best time. Delete the game :flushed:. Now!!! :eyes:. While its grip is still loose!!! Save yourself!!! :rofl:


Im still tempted to pull the plug…still catching up on all the insane changes…completely absurd, most of them…ugh.


Has anyone mentioned the level up rewards?

Because another thread was just started…and probably won’t be the last.:joy:


:+1::+1: this thread. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Done :slight_smile:

Thanks for the addition.


Good one!


This still hasn’t been pinned? I feel like this is important enough to be pinned, or to be added as part of an introductory course for new forum members. At the very least, I’d like to try and keep it alive in the hopes that newcomers will see it.


At this rate, you’ll have to add Panda Bans to your list. Or maybe just add Banning in general.


Seriously, mods, pin an FAQ/Read Me First post over the forums in general or each category with many FAQs. Not this thread, which may provide a great list of FAQs, but not so many actual answers, and is not very newbie friendly. Should save you work in the long run.


When is it the best time to open the chests?


when there are no chests :man_cartwheeling:


I can’t tell if this is a suggestion for the list or a legitimate question.