Ok PG we need some new content

So my breeding event is pretty much done, my Atlas event is basically over since I’m out of troops for the moment, I’ve done my Atlas multiplier and dragon multiplier attacks for the day, but I have some free time and I want more!

I remember when I was excited to hit the 5000 win portrait. We need more portraits to unlock!

I enjoyed doing the quests early on, when a 100 ruby prize seemed huge! We need more quests!

Here’s an idea: instead of 1 minute timers from monuments, how about 1 egg token!

Grinders could use a win right now… once you hit a certain point in the game, all those early incentives go by the wayside. It would be wayyy more fun if there were some more prizes to work towards, even if they’re far away, like a portrait for 100k battles won!

The Atlas quests were a great addition! We want more!

Anything that gives players a small chance to grind something awesome out would be both helpful and appreciated!

Feel free to add to the list peeps!


I agree with that! Except maybe more like 20? 20 is much more useful than 1


Think of all us poor buggers that don’t even have Atlas!


Yeah… I figured 1 was more likely than 20 to get implemented…


You probably just are not spending enough is the thought.


I’m all favor tô 20 eggs! Well, to all this topic anyways :grin:
Never got why there’s a 1 before all drops from monuments, never got any other amount 🤷

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Or have a boss raid dungeon/castle what ever with rare loots any in game item as drops, pve bases with white mage towers :grinning:. Accessible through atlas. Where teams would rush in and atk each other so theyll be the sole survivor attacking the boss.

Seems like a bloody bloody idea.
Too much joint.

Or how bout we let them get the rest of us in atlas?


They have portraits for battles won, weekly medals, dragons hatched, and forging. Portraits based on war flames and successful defends would be fun.

Edit: Made it youngun friendly. :sweat_smile:

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Yes to this. Atlas came out in October, and only a handful of teams are in it. The top teams already have many more advantages then the rest of us; how about they give us some nice things.

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I know most players want access to Atlas, but my crash rate for the app went through the roof when I was added to Atlas. Honestly, once you get past the introduction of the primarchs, islands and riders. There isn’t a whole lot of content to enjoy, unless you like grinding Invader runs for gold…

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That’s kinda what I’m talking about… something for the grinders… something that you can’t just buy… I know plenty o folks who would be down with that.

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That’s exactly what I want.

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I think this would really help the game. When wars/events are done and the multipliers are used there really isn’t much you can do outside of be social.

Yeah you can farm bronze chests and attack without multis but it would be nice to have something more fun or profitable.

Personally I think the game needs a few major things:

  1. Resolve security issues. Right now the game is hugely trusting of the client (which is the the thing often modified) so that is where the majority of hacks seem to come from. If there is no trust in the security of the game how can people play it in good faith

  2. Scale price to something even remotely reasonable. Right now the cost structure is broken, no other way to put it. Especially with the amount of hacks and mods floating around

  3. Bugs/Gliches. These absolutely kill the environment as you get bogged down with sync errors or Atlas lag issues that cause massive headaches

  4. New Content. It would be really nice to see deeper customization of both dragons and into Atlas. Granted this is VERY contingent on point 1 but it would highly enrich the game to be able to customize everything from your dragons build, your base even more (and have it actually work and not cost the price of a medium sized sedan) and Atlas has a lot of potential with primarch evolution, island builds and how those interact both inside and out of the battles.


I like your 4th point especially… I think it would help greatly if some of that content did not require purchasing a pack.

Definitely new UNPAID content :+1: most of the times I get excited about something it has a high cost attached, which is impossible through grinding.
What about special prize dragons after event without tolkens based on your season performance? No goodies, just the dragon and maybe an avatar (I don’t care about avatars but there are a lot that does)

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This is why there aren’t more teams in it yet. This is one of the major things they’re shoring up. IMO, one of the issues is it hasn’t been very worthwhile to have large scale battles, so these issues haven’t popped up enough. PG still hasn’t made it cost effective enough for us all to battle often and because of that, Atlas isn’t gonna get really put to the test. This is a rare instance.

i agree with this totally, 20 egg tokens per monument is the perfect incentive to get more people attacking, more often.

C’mon PG, give it a go