Ok so all these new trash pg put in

new update has brought in insane glitches. my game loads extremely slow now, hunters tap attack is very slow if anyone noticed? my screen has war signs from days ago… my necryx seems to be taking in massive damage from elemental towers while elemental barrier is in use??? atlas isnt loading since they brought it bak…

team quest suck… the amout of time and rss u use to complete the payout is total garbage.

very constructive feedback.

i cant agree on one of your desribed problems.
everything works well here.


Sounds like device or connection issues to me.

Can i assume that you are android?

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no iphone, i never had these type issues before

Make sure your internet is good. Some people can only play if their internet is strong. Me I can play it with basically no service in the middle of the mountains on my iPhone 6.

A fellow teammate has let me know that she cannot battle in the fight pits. It keeps loading with the flying dragon screen. I also have experienced slow flying, hunter problems with Abrean. It seems as though it is very glitchy IMHO.

I have to ask, why did you decide to post that question on a 27d stale thread that isn’t to do with the same topic?

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My guess is your teammate may be in Europe. If so, there is a known server outage affecting users in that area.

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Yes, so that is the problem, thanks!

@unseatedDonkey…I found this thread, and I feel it pertained to what others have been experiencing.

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