OK Well I'm going to say it ... (The confusion at the start of this event)

Firstly, let me make something clear … this is a comment for PG. This comment is what it is and i’m well aware that the people who were affected made an error … but I think PG is partly in the wrong.

Some people made an error in this event in that they thought it had started when it hadn’t. As a result they used lumber and speedups. I am aware of a number of support requests made that were rejected as PG doesn’t feel that ‘compensation’ is due. Well PG, I disagree and i’ll set out why.

Events have an icon that sits below the ‘store’ icon to the left of the screen. This icon only appears when the events are on. You decided to add a brand new icon, without warning or explanation at the same place where the event icon within a short time of an event starting. It stands to reason that people would be misled by this. It was an ill thought out idea and as you have seen from your support calls that some people DID mistake the icon as being an indication that the event had started. Certainly I saw many people commenting in LC to say that the event had started, and then shortly after a bunch of (amazing) people all trying to warn people that the event had not started.

Events do not always start at the same time, this too would have played a part in misleading people into thinking the event had started.

The icon for the armoury is very similar to the icon for the fortification event. This would be an issue for those who have issues with their eyesight, particularly as an icon at that position on the screen is generally an event icon.

There was no email notification about the release of the armoury icon, so people were expecting an icon to appear there for the start of the event, not for a re-release of a previously failed release of a pretty, but worthless new process for opening chests.

All up, I appreciate that a mistake was made, but I feel that PG should show some good faith to their loyal players and accept that the timing of the addition of the icon and the position it was released did play a part in misleading some players into thinking the event had started. Given the nature of this event it would be a simple task to identify the players who were misled and who wasted their lumber/speedups thinking the event was live and to afford these players the points that they lost out on in this event.

I agree that no compensation is due and I don’t know of anyone who asked for any, but I do feel that the points that people lost should be given to them given the circumstances.

I post this for your consideration and implementation prior to the end of the event.

Pst, I am one of those who struggle to play this game with sight issues and as you know from my support request history there are aspects of this game that are hard if you have issues with sight.


The fact that PG decided to get creative at the start of the one event that everybody goes bananas at the start of is the bit that is hard to swallow. They probably could have rolled this out at the start of any of their other events without an issue.

Completely agree. The PG support tried to justify the error by saying the “Fortification Frenzy event is live” mail was not sent. We all know that mail is often sent several minutes after the event start, so by this principle no action should count during events until that mail is delivered.

So, a lot of players made a mistake. That’s a fact. But let’s be honest, why would the Armory icon appear minutes before the start of the event? It’s not like it was a treasure hunt phase. Maybe a test, I don’t know, but clearly PG created this confusion by not warning about it and should assume some responsibility.


It’s the nature of the event Crankypants … use it or lose it. Events start on a Thursday morning for me, and I work which means that I use it or I lose it. I know there are many others who live in my timezone and play in the event so it’s not “going bananas” rather than tactical game play to take advantage of your own resources before others take them.

I imagine they could have rolled it out to any of the PGP events without any drama at all. However, they didn’t. They rolled it out at the start of the fortification event.

I forgive you for not understanding an American colloquialism but folks at the beginning of the fortification event do “go bananas” feverishly spending and raiding lumber. In haste many folks “jumped the gun” and started the event prematurely due to this unexpected release. Trust we are on the same page, just in different time zones.


I did get it, but I just think that’s the nature of the event … all events are different and I just wanted to make the point that while they did do that, PG holds some responsibility in the misunderstanding and that means they really out go give consideration to a good faith action to give the people who did that the points they missed out of the event.

As I said, it shouldn’t be hard to see who spent lumber / speeds ups at that time and afford them the points they missed.

I think it would be a fairly decent action by PG and perhaps they can also look to the timing of their releases of new things onto the game and maybe even too the relevance of the actions. Surely someone should have identified that putting a button for chests up immediately before the start of an event that has no initial chest gathering as the PVP events was not a good idea ?

“we are customers, even if it is our fault, it is their responsibility to please us”

Still I didnt fell for their trick

I almost fucked up too. Instead I didn’t fuck up and got fucked over anyways. Got my build in was locked out of the game and when I could get back in was rolled back to before I started my build, minus having any wood. Yes they did it to fuck you over. Just like thus new armory where let’s see how many chests they can steal by you miss-tapping the screen or trying to skip the idiot dragon animation everyone has been clamoring about being awful and making a joke out of for as long as I’ve been playing. Yeah pretty obvious they want people to try to skip the end animation and click a chest. Shameful. Raking in the dough and still trying to find the cheapest of shots to take. Unreal…


The really odd thing about that Grinch is that you have posted the same complaints that everyone made the first time they rolled out this irrelevant change. Its pretty if you like watching dragons, but it adds no value to the game and given the number of problems that we see with the game it feels a little like a slap in the face that they’d spend time and effort on an asthetic change while we’re all still facing the standard drop outs, time outs, freezes, failure to get into support our team mates etc … but I digress …

I’m so glad you didn’t fall for it … I wish I hadn’t, but i’m happy that I managed to stop some team mates from falling for it. But I am sad that you had an issue with a rollback … I think that may explain why I had a small number of speed ups when the event did start, as it may have rolled back a bit , but like you, I had no lumber and as you know, the higher you move up the levels, the more important lumber is as it’s harder to find 1.32m to upgrade something than it is to find 54k :slight_smile:

I think the whole start was stressful, I didn’t start building but I went ‘bananas’ for the sigil chests, opened 70k worth then realised the prize line wasn’t available.
I know I was sat there hoping that the sigils had actually come through to my account as you couldn’t even see that :woman_facepalming:t3:

Just wanted to put one thing out there for everyone saying they didn’t give any warning about the change to the armory.

While they didn’t mention exactly what it would look like they did tell us we were getting a new armory this week when they apologized for having to delay it due to technical issues.

Those same issues are most likely the reason why it was turned on before the event. I feel bad for everyone caught out by it. To say there was no warning however is just incorrect.


No explicit warning (which PG used to send each time they introduced a new feature, sans R&B A&BTest)

Is that supposed to be a warning?
Looks like anything they even say is warning now …

All I can say is the number of recent PR f’ups by PG is absolutely amazing.

Or maybe just par for the course for this company.


Maybe we are on the course of toxicity …
both you and me …

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The longer I’m in the game the more despondent I get.

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They said something was coming, and they have a history of not delivering on time and they most certainly did not tell us the format in which it was coming so no one could have predicted that it would be an icon posted to the left of the screen in exactly the same place we would have expected to see the event icon.

By the way, I never said they were in the wrong, I believe (strongly) that their actions played a large part in the assumption that some (many?) made in thinking that the event had started and as such they should give those affected the points they lost as a good faith action.

No one could predict, that’s true, but can everyone read? I can. When I saw the icon said ARMORY, i tapped it, found that it’s nothing more than lame, oldschool chests, checked my clock and waited another hour.

PG didn’t tell us when, how exactly that feature would go live, that is true. But that doesn’t mean it’s their fault when people don’t use common sense*

*_if something looks out of the ordinary, check it first.


I get why people were caught out if they spotted the icon but for me I didn’t see the icon initially- I was too distracted by the lone chest island thing that had appeared and went to look at that first because it was completely different to normal events. Then I couldn’t navigate to the event from it so I knew it hadn’t started yet but was probably imminent


This is how the world looks to me much of the time so to answer your question … sure I can read … but on the iPad ? not so much.