Oksana: What are your thoughts on her?

So guys! What are your opinions on Oksana after having watched the Facebook livestream with Arelyna? I personally think that she looks awesome and that her portraits(well first the two since we haven’t seen the third and animated ones yet) look amazing! Kudos to you for doing another amazing Facebook livestream, @Arelyna

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Was the full skill tree breakdown shown?

Arelyna showed what you could get from the skill tree but not how it looks

Here’s a picture of the skill tree options that you can get for Oksana


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And here’s how her Dragonfire armor set looks like


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Those faces though…


Ah, have to wait until the skill tree then :slight_smile: ty for the screenshots


Looks same old same old to me. Nothing different. The detail would be in the rider stats…


I was hoping for numbers :thinking: Doesn’t mean a whole lot otherwise

Its good

Looks like nothing new. Zero interest for me sorry. :upside_down_face:

What element is the armor?

Dark. That’s the only thing interesting for me as I have both nec and avyx but only one grogg.

I had really hoped this was the defense rider.
Looks like the (non Mythic) 'Mythic" rider will be the defense rider meaning i can’t afford it damn.

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Really dark? That’s disappointing. I see your point but I want one of each set…

I’m 95% sure. Too lazy to check… :joy:



I don’t think we’ll see any defense riders outside of atlas for a while

Sounds like Grogg, I’ll probably get her first page and then wait to see the full price dragons

Well, looks like Oksana is finally coming this week on Wednsday. Who’s ready for her?

Oksana stats and armor are published!