Oksana's armor. Yes or no?

Hi there.
I’m looking for a place to dump my sigils and prepare for next season.
Sitting at lvl 85 with no dark dragons , does it make sense to go for Oksana’s armor or do I better start a new dragon ?

Im sitting on 20k sigils , so the goldchests at the end would be very helpfull.

Atlas will not be a thing soon for me.

I just have no idea about the value of the armor itself.

I’m getting it as I’m done with both hunters now and I already got oksana first page. For u, maybe a dragon could be better if u can get platinum stone

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20k sigils is almost a full line. There are still a few more events left in the spring season. I would say get a dragon. You will get the gold chests at the end of the dragon line as well. You mentioned not having any dark dragons in your roster, so the gear is utterly useless unless you get a dark dragon next season. The gear gives +10% attack and +10% hp FYI

Also compared to atlas gear, season gear is worthless.
So i’d also advise you to get a dragon and get stronger, so you can look for a platinum 1 team that has atlas :wink:

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No,go get fomhar. You can get full line fomhar if you do the rest of the season well and a bit of rubies for sigil chest

You should get a dragon

Go for fomhar. Save gold chest from its line for next season.

Save to the very last week or two … maybe a new line will be released with a discount. :heart_eyes:

Thanks all.
Ofcourse I will hold off untill the end.
I still remember Kirin.

I just hope I dont start spending , since fohmar is a dark dragon. :joy:

The only good things about Oksana’s armor are the gold chests and egg token prizes between each gear.


i was told not to, unless your dark dragons are in need of some SERIOUS firepower. without armor, oksana can be used on dragons of any type.

You could buy the armor for the goodies in the line without actually putting the armor on Oksana you know… I was debating doing that but decided to pick up Fomhar instead.

haha i did the exact same thing. i would rather develop fomhars line that waste my time in oksana.

I was debating it because I’d have an easier time finishing Oksana’s line without opening any gold chests than I would for Fomhar’s. I’m only on a platinum team, so the extra sigils I get from team prizes are considerably less. I was wanting to build up a supply of gold chests for future seasons.


Im only in gold.

Im going for fohmar, but I might spend my rubies on supersigil and still take the armor.
I would have 100 extra gold chests and all the extra goodies to start the new season.
+70k rubies should be about enough to take the second page, so I get the armor almost for free.

Atlas is so far off, its still 10% buff to a dragon.

How is 70k rubies free?
Also, 70k rubies translate to about 180 gold chests if you buy them directly. I would save for next season and get discount line complete in first two weeks. Oksana gear is really not that useful. Rather go to an atlas team for 3 days and you can get 5% gear for free and come back to your team.
My level 77 alt got it in 3 days.
Really just complete Fomhar and save chests/rubies whatever for next season. Your next season can be magical.
You can’t complete second page of Oksana with that amount of rubies either way. Its more expensive.

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Is it that easy to get gear ?
I wish PG was more open about atlas.

It sounded like a good idea in my mind.
17 gold pulls, I get 10 pulls back + all the goodies in that line.

But yeah. Maybe best to save the rubies.

Its not that easy, but you get one full set of common non-upgradeable gear of your choice element as a reward when you complete a specific quest which is a part of atlas tutorial.

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Thanks mate.
Its driving me mad. :rofl:

I just hope I like the discount dragon.

I would still get discount dragon irrespective of how it is , because half price for all rewards.