Old beta (atlas) Forums - never made public - going away soon

So long story short, I’ve numerous times been told to see the old forums on discussions, and was told the beta (atlas) section had been opened up, but I just confirmed this is actually not the case.

I believe the old forums are going away permanently fairly soon. I’m not sure this is a problem but I thought I’d point it out. Many times I’ve been told things were discussed ad nauseum in the old forums and to go read it, but that has never been possible for those who were not part of the beta.

Of corse I’d like for people to save/transfer content that was worth having, but we all know that won’t happen. So I guess this is just to let everyone know that content remains restricted and should be forever gone soon.

If it can be opened up and set to read only, hopefully archive.org can grab a copy before it goes down?


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I’m hoping so too. I’ve also contacted egg token about this through another channel. We’ll see if we can make it happen!

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