Old Devines and Heart Break


No I’m not asking for them to come back so calm down with your moderator tag :joy:. I’m just curious what everyone’s heart break dragons are. That dragon you missed bc you started to late or the one you didn’t finish and wish you did. I’d love to see some old school players respond too. That would be amazing :eyes:. Mine would be necryx. I was basically inactive back then :sob:

Bring Back Axi’s Season

Same dragons… Only have Garnet stone…


I honestly wish I would have finished avyx… I think he had lots of potential…

The one dragon I started and changed my mind half on was Fomhar… now he sits at gold and is forever in my temple raid :joy:… and then started Samhrad… which is one of my favorite all time dragons… even if he is a sorcerer… now retired at platinum…


It was super sad to bench my Borgian when I hit sapphire since I only had up to platinum for him :cry:


Kinnarus and Borgian.


I started right before season end and it was my very first season after coming back from a long break… so I was clueless. Got Borgian. None of his stones. And kins green.
I’m about to hit sapphire-ish rn😔 their good for temple raid tho


So far the only 2 divines I didnt complete all the stones for was Drakius and Kirin. Not too upset to have them stuck where they are at. Kinnarus is expert at emerald but she’s good for xp runs. Pretty meh on Equestor. May leave it where it’s at for temple raid. I’ll be pretty sad when Necryx gets expert at Obsidian which I’m just about to start breeding. Kinda wish I could have gotten prospero this season but I’m happy I got Pathox.


Kinnarus, Borgian and Zam. I really made a mess of the 2017 summer season (that was my first actual season since I started at the end of spring). I got some really awful advice and ended up getting all 5 legendaries. Kinnarus was the only one I got past green and only got her to gold. Though in today’s game she isnt very good anymore it still crushed me to out-level and bench her

I’ll crush me again when I finish with Necryx and have to bench him.


Dimachaerus. I was so sad I never got him. Of course, platinum wasn’t even a tier yet, so that’s long in the past now :man_shrugging:t2: Only one I regret not getting all the stones on is fomhar


I’ve just had to retire Aibrean, or AirBnB as I named him. Not as difficult in gameplay as when I dropped Necryx, but sadder as I’d been using him longer.


I just ran out of stones for Airbean so he is officially benched. He wasn’t the best hunter but he was pretty fun and challenging to fly, and I actually kind of miss him.

But on the same token, I got him instead of Fomhar. So lmao.


Every time I have to bench one, it breaks my heart.

Necryx and Spindra were my first divines, capped at gold and forever living in Temple Raid.

Leos is about to be benched at garnet next breeding event, after nearly a YEAR of being my go-to wrecking ball.

Fomhar and Airbean are capped at Emerald, and I will forever miss Fomhar’s beautiful golden wings when the time comes.

Now I’m sufficiently high level that I finish every dragon I begin, so until I hit Harbinger or Vanguard tier I won’t have to say goodbye to any of my favorites again.


Yes.he looks beautiful!
I started playing when they released plat tier
But I was noob and have no clue how to get Divines :joy_cat::speak_no_evil:


I have no regrets.


All the first divines I got for the first 2? Seasons or so, are benched. But the one that saddens me is Chimerak. I loved to time the static shield to wrek an island (blue mage included) as soon as he turned.
Thanks to Temple Raid I could fly him again. But truly break my heart. So much that from that moment I swear myself that any Divine I get, I get all the stones. Except Coatl :eyes:
Fomhar, Axi, Leos, even Airbrean (that I’m not flying anymore) and Pathox, I got all the stones.
When I bench them is because I don’t like them anymore (sorry Airbrean) or I’ve reached his/her full potential
Nice post! :+1:t2:


Only one. the only divine that was offered before I started playing the game. This guy:


I’m going to miss Zotz once I finish platinum tier. He’s my favorite dragon since he’s my kill island destroyer. I’m really missing Tengu since I could’ve gotten him when’s a I had just started playing but couldn’t since I didn’t know how to claim seasonal branch prizes at the time


I just miss Amarok and Skarr.


Necrix, got told he was terrible at the time and was a noob so didnt question it.
Axi cause shes great and i didnt get her cause i had a break from the gane that season.
Leo and alibrein, didnt get far because season line stole my sgls but didnt give stones (guess why i quit)


Zamrok is stuck at platinum. Really loved that dragon. Best designed warrior in the game in terms of balance IMO. Was able to hit 100 levels above me at the time with him. Now about to hit garnet next breeding…

Kind of miss Skarr that got stuck at gold. Was my first divine…
Not looking forward to losing Fomhar at Emerald.

Also never got Necryx!