Old Devines and Heart Break



My first season, I didn’t know better. I got them all :man_facepalming: Iirc though, that was Tengu, Snowdrop, and Tarand. I did finish Tarand, still use him for events. Them horns!


Necryx. Had him at Expert in my main but only played my Alt enough to get him to Platinum. With the Rider, gear, and decent runes, he’s still better than the devines I now have evolved to Sapphire. Now I’ve flipped and focusing on my Alt, so shucks.:joy:


You mean this one?
Also for me it would be necryx …my poor bubs stopped at sapphire sigh


Oh, if we are talking about that group, I really miss Phasmos had all his evolution stones and got him to expert. My favorite goto at the time.


Mine is axi I should have got that freaking beast :sob:


same… usually bench them within a couple of weeks…


I miss aibrean…i got him till plat stone until discounts and then started fomhar which i don’t regret though…but still aibrean was nice clean up dragon for me


Mine is Leos, he was my first devine and only got him to gold.


All the dragons from my first season. I only got Snowdrop to Orange. Outside of that I wish I had a chance to get Dima, he looked really fun. Fomhar and Axi are also capped at Garnet and Emerald respectively.


My first season in game. My leader suggested me to go for Chimerak :rage:. As n00b of me, thought muscular warrior must be stronger than skinny uglier necryx :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:. Every time I see those island 6 with level 75 flak kill setup, necryx always comes in my mind. Ms Hauheset misses him and curse me a lot.


Mine would be Huitzil only got to his Garnet stone


Haha nec here a well. I also got 3 drains to Green one season when I wish I had just taken Sage as far as I could.



nuff said


I miss Kinnarus and Borgian a bit, as I somehow decided to get 2 dragons that season. ( first and last time I did that)
My biggest loss is still ahead, as a day I’ll have to retire Necryx is getting closer and closer.


Hm, idk. Haven’t had many regrets so far. The one divine I’ve benched was Leos- only got him up to green. He sits on my perch now, and no regrets not flying him. I’ll bench Aibrean and Equestor soon as I move out of plat, I guess, but I won’t feel too bad about the former. I guess I’ll feel bad about the latter, if only for easy invader/gauntlet runs.

True heartbreak will probably come for me when I hit obsidian evo and realize I can’t bring Fomhar with me. :sob:


Chimerak and Equestor, really miss those two.


The only one so far is Chimerak, because I just started playing back then. Others I enjoyed playing for a while but don’t regret benching them soon after.
But Chim I’d be happy to fly again if he wasn’t locked in green. Had no chance to use him even in Temple raid because he’s constantly on the missions in atlas :smile: working without holidays xD


my first season i got fae only to platinum, not op but i liked ice shock shield and chaos.
Then i got zamrok and i was later sad to having missed borgian.
After this i only missed fohmar but… i took necryx avyx aibrean axi and pathox so i’m fine.
I regret only leos. Useless as ***k.




Tarand - my first season in the game, and he was a base destroyer until the lethal barrier nerf. Only got gold stone for him, but damn I was proud.

Amarok - similar to tarand, he was the first lineage dragon that seemed unstoppable.

Not long after that, learned to play better and stopped using warriors…lol

Necryx/Spindra retirement :cry:

The worst heartbreak is not far off…Corthanak…