Old Divines, Wars, Atlas Gear, and Events


Old Divine dragons…many of us have dragons we fell in love with that are now obsolete. I can understand not bringing back old divine and event dragons for those who did not get them the first time…but for those who were able to get all the evolve stones when they were available…how about the option to purchase a further update pack to get more advanced evolve stones and allow us to continue to play the dragons we love?

Atlas Rider Gear - Everyone knows how awesome of an addition this was to the game…so why limit us to 2 pieces per season? I would like to see the gear done the way they are doing the Atlas Event Riders…give us the ability to work on one collection at our own pace all year long. That way we can get all the pieces for one shard type before moving onto another one.

Regular Event Riders - they are pointless…get rid of them and offer a event defend rider for Atlas instead.

Wars - Why do I absolutely HATE wars in this game…but I LOVE attacking in Atlas? Because wars have so many pitfalls like having to have 24 hour coverage, that they are just a drudgery to do. Why can’t we get rid of wars and use Atlas ranking to determine league ranking? Maybe give us events that are Atlas attack related to encourage us to go and attack other teams in Atlas to improve our league ranking as well.

And while we are on the subject of events…PVP events in the regular game are now AWFUL! I have to practically threaten my team to get folks to participate in them. Everything is becoming about Atlas now…I think it is time to ditch regular events and come up with some Atlas events to challenge folks with.


I would like something done for my old divines… It’s futile to ask but nothing wrong with throwing a Hail Mary right?

  • No to further stones for old divines, for similar reasons why they say no for old stones. Old divines are obsolete, they are meant to retire some day and let the new divines shine.

  • Atlas rider gear throughout all seasons? Why not. But there’s also regular crafting…

  • Regular event riders : they are not pointless. They are cheap and easy to get. Not everyone has Atlas so 3k sigils for a maxed rider on discount is really interesting.

  • Wars : again not everyone has Atlas, and the game is called War Dragons. They’re not just Dragons, they’re an army :grin:

  • Events : did I mention not all teams have Atlas? :roll_eyes: Just kidding. PvP used to be much more fun before, now the only fun event is Temple Raid or Blackblood islands. Fight Spits and the other Conquer the World atrocities should be flushed out imo…

So I think there’s a motivation issue in your team. Maybe the enemies are too weak or too strong to interest them in participating? Why not make it a contest to see who gets the more points on the team and the winner gets a bonus in gold or resource? Could be fun! :wink:


But if we could constantly improve those antiquities, we wouldn’t want the new ones, would we?

I don’t quite get that… Even so: how many defensive riders can one utilize?

That’s what you can forge.

Maybe it’s time to change team?

And everything that @Kardul said :hugs:


You can only have 3 defensive riders out at once, but even so, the majority of players have medium to short bases, so they may only use 1 or 2 riders for the buff. And as @Kardul said, not everyone has Atlas and being able to have riders for all of your favorite dragons is really nice.


Yep, we have Atlas rider for each class + defender. I’ll assume that you all have more than 3 Dragons in your roster.

I don’t have enough riders for all my Dragons yet, especially with 8 out of ten being Hunters I’d be screwed if there were only one Hunter rider from Atlas and none other. If anything I want more offensive riders on discount! :blush:


No. There is no financial reason for Pg and people need to just evolve, man. Get new stuff and go with the changes, it’s not like players are unable to freely get the new divines.



War Dragons. Plus, Atlas has its own ranks and seasons.

Or, hear me out, make suggestions on how to improve PvP.


1.Can we just leave the old divines alone…please.

  1. Gear was defiantly not an awesome addition to the game when looking at balance. Gear is expensive and elite gear is way overpowered. I would prefer other changes to be made to gear (like a nerf) before we start rolling out entire sets of the best gear each season.

  2. Regular riders are cheap and run my rider missions for me :slightly_smiling_face:. Plus not everyone has atlas so the only riders they can get are the seasonal ones. Not sure why you dislike seasonal riders so much.

  3. Again, not everyone has atlas.

  4. PVP events in this game can be better and people have offered many ways to improve them. Again, not everyone has atlas.

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