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How can they hack you unless they know your pocketId and password?
It’s just keyboard warriors talking. No need to be afraid

as long as you didn’t visit any website or given out your email or anything that can lead to knowing your account credentials, they are just keyboard warriors.

Also, send that to CS, that’s pretty much a death threat.


Best just block them and move on. We have lots of MORONS in this game sadly

tagging @PGJared @Arelyna in case this is needed

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Block them love, and ignore every single word they say! @PGCrisis adding you too because this is NOT okay.

EDIT: Also, @Lifecycle1, please post their profiles here. I want to see who these assholes are since they are changing their names.


Report as death threat to CS. Police visit will be the least of their problems. Especially if they are from USA.

Hang in there <3


CS should have logs of your inbox so maybe screens will be enough to get their attention btw.

Never ceases to amaze me how sad some people are :unamused:. Block em, they can’t do jack.

Wow that’s horrible what was the name of the team. You could also try changing your name so they can’t find you. I hope PG Takes care of this.

This team name sounded familiar; apparently, this guy has been a problem before as well :woman_facepalming: . They need to get a life, get help, and figure out their problems instead of taking it out on random people online.

Also, changing your name doesn’t matter once mails have been sent.

Changing name only deletes the bookmark. Since they have mails, it won’t change anything. Blocking them is the best short term solution, and I’m very confident Jared is gonna make a freaking statement laying down the punishment on this guy…

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And just for fun @panda (only name my drunk ass remembers in diamond right now) is anyone in Diamond 1 award that these people think y’all are theirs to command?

Edit aware not award. Yep I’m drunk.

They just spewed D1 name out to scare lower levels in lower leagues :joy:. Panda takes no command from anyone nor does anyone in diamond leagues


Oh yes that was VERY obvious.

I’m shocked they’re still around…

Ohhhh, I spy an egg-mission qualified base if nothing else.


Well. I’m gonna farm em. Threatening to hurt children in any way shape or form is unacceptable.


Can you post new message screenshots with their new names please so we Jared and we have photo proof to share?

It’s waffle now. Level 85 on the team. I’ve messaged the guy telling him to apologize for that^^.