Old Patch & "Placeholder"/Old Packs

While new patches are being rolled out, those on the old patch will sometimes see “placeholder” packs; however, Atlas packs seem to work perfectly fine. Maybe the ruby packs can be synced up too? @PGEggToken

Reported via LINE PM:

ask that guy to remove and reinstall the game. If it doesn’t work, let that guy contact support for further troubleshooting.

so you don’t just get rubies and chests if you have atlas? Don’t you still need to do the same events as we do, or are they replaced by atlas only events?

What’s the horn for? Signaling allies?


horns give peasants which is used to train troops.

1 troop trained = 10k Gold and 10 peasants
1 troop revived = 233 gold and 2 peasants

8000 peasants cap for everyone with a regeneration rate of 1440/hr (5hrs 35 minutes to have 8000 peasants)

poor peasants…

Hope no revolution


10 peasants needed to kill each other and one who lives becomes a troop and was given 10k gold for the service fee.

2 peasants are needed to be sacrificed to revive 1 troop that has died in battle. Those peasants’ family was given 116 gold each for their sacrifice.

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