Old (probably outdated) Events

Dragon Games? Dragon Trials?
What events are those?
Is there any chance for those old events to appear once more?

No those won’t come back again. Dragon Trials was a terrible event for which not many people had expert dragons. The difficulty was too high. Dragon Games was a 1 time event but we may see some variation or new one-time event appear later in the future. Again I haven’t experienced these events personally but saw videos of gameplay and read about it

Dragon Trials actually sounds like a brilliant event. Something that requires a basic amount of skill without leaning on allies would be a nice change of pace. Maybe not something to run as often as most pvp events, but I’d love it if there were a few events like that every year.

Dragon trials = Assault? If so, that was one of the most well recieved events to date. Hope they decide to bring it back at some point.


Dragon Trial is not assault

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Dragon trials:

Fight with red dragons your way through 10 bases. Then purple was unlocked and you did the same.

Blue and orange tier was hardly doable without devines.

And I think in a later iteration we saw the miracles what a crap.

Dragon games is

  • 2 days building
  • 2 days breeding
  • 2 days blackbloods (early iteration of assault)
  • maybe 2 days feeding can’t remember

Dragon trials seems fun. Granted, that the prize is based on our progress. But it might test our ability to fly dragons as well.
Dragon games sounds like less focused events…

Trials was pretty fun, however low tier dragons didn’t fare well against ice and fire turrets. Throwing flaks into the mix would make it even more ridiculous

It ran twice. Not once.


Dragon games looks cool.

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Dragontrial was very funny, it was a event where skill was important aswell.

Dragon games / Olympia something was the worst event which was there! Get 1 prizeline for 4 different event types… Means give all your stuff out to get less rewards … And it was very nasty because it was stressful and long…

Who ever designed it that way, that person lost time for all people arround that …

There was some other events and situations, like no heal time and so on… but i dont expect even one to come back… If something dont bring some gain, it wont be brought in. Same as “the peoples dragon”, which was that expensive and bad designed in prize line, that only a few higher spenders got the chance to get, instead of giving people something easier as present… what ever we say, if it was too useful for us, i dont expect it back…

Actually the first iteration was one prize line.

The second time they ran it, each event had a seperate Prize Line. Lots of prizes. I loved it.

Even so the prizes was poor compared to a ordinary event , while the effort was big .
The scale of that events was too high , sadly they never accepted it .

Once they made the mistake to make it too easy , or false calculated something .
Inside in a hour it was fixed . When it is something for them , it was fast . For us it took long or never .

That’s flat false. The second iteration, you had to do a lot less in each type of event compared to normal. I remember getting 21k rubies worth of prizes for an easier weekend than ever.

In one literation as you maybe remember they made a mistake with the rankingpoints, because the first day for fort only that rank wasnt wanted. That pixxel and others changed it during that time later. When you was in right timeline you was able to win all prizes for what you would have to done in a fortevent for 110k like.

But the thing was, after that mistake it was horrible hard made.
I am not sure in which literation this mistake was… but after it all olympia games was a huge pain!

Probably you was one of those who won all the rubies while they miscalculated it, after it they changed it mid event.

The black bloods event was wildly profitable up until a certain base, you spent about 7k rubies to get the 21k in return… then they just stopped it, and gave us the ridiculously hard version of trials

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Hopefully they will do such event again. Will be useful for little to non spender.

What was “The Great Contest” ?

The great conquest was a series of events for global glory. A kind of precursor to the seasons but shorter with fewer prizes.

While we are talking about old events how about the skirmish event :smiling_imp:

And by that I mean the original skirmish even.
No leagues matchup by total event points.
Shield officers not flag bearers
Sentry bases only good for a single round so you had to keep building them
No energy so only limited by potions.
Super attacks were still a thing but you had to spend 3 red dragon eggs to make one.

Just think about it. One event that uses tokens timber and potions all at once and the potential for almost any team to match up with any other in the early rounds… carnage