Old Season dragons 2

Here is my idea, older players that have old season dragons would like old stones. My idea is this, us older players should get the option to either work the new season or forfeit that season and it’s rewards and replace it with the old season dragons that we already hatched. Only dragons we hatched would be eligible. Example: I have tarand, skarr and others. I would give up the new season and work the old one. Also going for old stones would not go towards that season mystic.

Older players can buy elite with rubies newcomers cannot. So why can’t we have this? I want a response from PG please. If I must post the email from PG before I will but this needs to be an open discussion not just sweep under the rug.

@moderators you know what to do



They’re seasonal for a reason


I know you’ll close this but I’ll take it to public forums if this continues.

Do not open topics that have been closed by mods.

Clearly you did not bother to read the message that Lutrus posted when he closed your previous thread.

PG has said no numerous times. They will not change their minds at this time. They have asked the mods to close any and ALL threads opened up asking for past divine dragons or extra evolution stones for past dragons.

If you insist on opening duplicate threads that a moderator has already closed, you could end up with a time-out from the forums for disregarding the rules and code of conduct.

For your reference please find the forum Rules and Code Of Conduct.