Old team defend banners


Need help with getting rid of old team defense banners still popping up. Makes it very difficult to help my new team with war defends and back ups in general.

I’ve left team, uninstalled, logged out and nothing seems to help.


I have a teammate that joined recently and has the same problem. Been going on a little over a week with no resolution.


Wouldn’t be so bad if my old wasn’t xpfarmsloosex1. :face_with_head_bandage:


@Paladingambler wow that’s got to be the single worst team for u to get this glitch on. I feel you! :sweat:


Happened to my old team before (half a year ago I think). Best way is to contact @PGJared (sorry have to tag you but can’t find DragonPunch in the tag list) and have it sorted out


@PGJared any update on when this issue(old team bannners) will be resolved/fixed? Thanks in advance for any info you may have on this.


Can’t give a time estimate, no. I can say it’s documented on our end. For now players can leave and rejoin a team and that should hopefully clear it up.


@PGJared That did not work for my friend. Tried that.


Was gonna say leaving team didn’t help. I still get defense invites from them even teamless.


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