Hi… I just wanna say I love this game.
I had an account before my name was Madking77. When I got this new phone and tried to login but it made me start the game over.is there something u can do to restore my earlier game…??

Have you created pocket id for that account (before getting lost)?
If yes, simply delete the game data (or delete the game, and download it again), and start a new game.

Skip the tutorial and login instead…

Login :

  1. Tap the gear icon
  2. Tap the account tab
  3. Tap login / create pocket id button, then I have an account button…
  4. Fill the email and password of the account…
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And if you didn’t create a Pocket ID before switching phones than you are out of luck.


Unless you still have your old device and haven’t wiped it yet.

Then you can make a PocketID from there. Then log out, and you can log in on your new device.

Otherwise, I do believe you are very likely stuck without any recourse.

Do not log out before making your pocket ID

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You can also contact support if you are confused about what to do.

Simply provide them the following information:

Account Creation Date
Last Log in
Former team
Purchase receipt from Apple/Google Play
Email you want to attach
Previous email (if you can remember it)

That’s about it.

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