Omg newwww towerrrrssss

:roll_eyes::neutral_face: fix it pls @Arelyna

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Just your local image cache being fubared. Nothing Arelyna can do about that, just need to reinstall or wait for the next update with fingers crossed.


Also happened to me, with the same tower.

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does it shoot purple lightning?

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Have you tried changing graphic settings to poor, low, and medium (in order)?

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on 2 devices i think not same towers to

The only surefire fix is reinstall. Too bad PG wont implement a repair button. Checksums should be PGs friend…

Those are the new Exotic Towers


Click bait thread XD
Happen to me too. Just delete the Chance and Restart.
Setting ==> App ==> War Dragons ==> Memory ==> Chance

The problem is that PG doesn’t use the cache. Go look. There will only be a few MB of data vs the 2.x gigs of total game data. Flushing the cache rarely works because the graphics packs are not there. This is why WD asks for storage permissions.

It is also why WD’s data usage is through the roof. Every single time you open a chest, open the event tab, go to Atlas a ton of static images are downloaded over and over and over and, over…

This is also why everyone has to reinstall so damn often. Once something gets corrupted, there is no easy way to checksum the data and only download what is out of sync.


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