OMG PG .. fix your damn game

I’m sick of it crashing, freezing, spitting me out of the game in the middle of a battle and then you trying to blame out network connections for that.


Oh why don’t you look at that. Another post complaining 🤷

Anything constructive you can add or just the standard generalized whining?


oh the irony …

I never crash in anything. War dragons every hour :beers::beers:

i’m so jealous … I love this game when it works properly.

But as the sycophant indicated above, I am clearly far from the only person who is having this issue and really that’s an indication that they should look into it. I play a few online games and this is the only one I have these issues with.



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He could be a sycophant. Or it could be that you’re the 437th person to complain about game play. Today.

Your post is just more clutter on the forum with nothing meaningful to contribute aside from one of thousands of complaints on here. So while most understand your frustration, it’s not worthy of its own thread since there is already a search bar to search many of the other threads exactly like yours. There are several problems with this game, much of which I’m sure is due to the framework established by the original developers. Even with those issues, it’s a beautiful game and few compare in the app store.


Who had that “Waaambulance” gif?

I miss that. :joy:


Well you know, as I noted above that actually gives legitimacy to my complaint AND suggest that the auto response form PG that blames us and our internet connections or our iPads is not helpful. It also affords us the opportunity to let them know that it is frustrating and that they should maybe focus on it.

and you know, at the end of day I don’t believe I made any of you read this thread … just saying.



You’re missing the point. Yes, there are problems and yes it’s frustrating. PG is well aware of this because it’s posted on the forums every day. So while I understand you want to voice your concern and let them know, it’s already been done multiple upon multiple times. That’s what I mean by you aren’t contributing anything useful.

It’s like if you had a friend who had a 3rd nipple on say, his forehead. The first couple times someone pointed it out you might think, man I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed this, maybe we should talk about it. But after the 500th time, it’s just an old and boring topic that has no impact on the problem. Now if someone came up to your friend and said they were a nipple relocation specialist and knew exactly how to fix the problem, now that’s actually useful!

So unless you’re a game designer or software engineer located in Silicon Valley and currently looking for a job, utilizing the search button to see if anyone else had the same issue as you would have been a more productive use of time. (not like I really have any concept of that at 11pm myself)


That was a really… interesting analogy. Good post though :+1: :t_rex:

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There you go, @Shadelos


I feel almost tempted to create a post about positive thing in WD and why do we all keep playing it. Almost

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  1. It could very well be your internet connection or the connection between your router and closest server so don’t be so quick to judge

  2. I don’t believe PG has their own servers. If I remember correctly from a while back, they utilize Amazon’s cloud services to run the backend.

So if your connection isn’t the issue (you can easily check by pinging the closest server), then blame Amazon, not PG

How about you buy an apple phone and get rid of crappy google play platforms… Rofl… I swear 90% of complains are from people using samsung bricks… Nothing against Samsung, this game was made for Apple products…


I’ve got IPad and glitch everywhere. Most specially Atlas :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

Must be the first gen iPad.

… waiting for a new thread later about “what time would be the Fortification event will start”


“Fortification Event is delayed”

Is IPad mini 2 first gen?

Players being frustrated with the poor quality of the game since recent updates is a legitimate complaint. You sarcastically trollling adds nothing to forums.

Id like at least feedback on why forums have reverted to me needing to sign in every time - again . Is this a way to drive away the player base ? @PGJared