OMG! Really? See this from a mid to low level players perspective

So i see some wanting to boycott, these are high end players. They think it is unfair the changes in 4.0. How fast they forget!

Low to mid level players grind during events, like fortification, training and breeding to get a few points.

High end players, level up one tower and they get 16 or so achievements!

“Fair, unfair, not right, they dont listen to us, we pay their wages”, bla bla bla…

High end players get so much more for doing so much less, you have the audacity to organize a boycott against a company like this?

You are seeing it from your own selfish perspectives. STOP!

Games change, we adapt. PG tries hard, i see it and i think you do too. If you dont you should leave. Android is a difficult platform. Certain changes in the past had to be adjusted. Balancing pisses off people, they knew this was going to happen, but if they dont do something to balance new content and adjust power ratings, this game loses its fun.

Please, submit a ticket and forget about this. This public outcry from mid level players perspective seems childish.

PG is a good company…period!

Boy are you guys gonna jump all over me. Lol!


Uh this “balance” made the game lose it’s fun. When you’re getting all your resources taken from you by someone who wouldn’t have even looked at your base before the game becomes unfun. Believe it or not but getting RSS is. A bit more difficult once you level to a certain point. It’s few and far between where a mid to higher level will get 300k resources from a base. Vs as of right now low level 100s have a gold mine right now…Even some under that level.

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As you said it’s all about perspective. When you’ve played the game for 3 years you’ll have a different perspective as well. The perspective of the higher players, while not the same as yours, is still relevant to you. We were all at lower levels ( I still consider myself a mid level at 226) and struggled through or spent through the pains of growing. At some point you will be a higher level as well and will either understand the angst of those higher levels you are calling crybabies, will have already quit the game, or changes will have been made because of those higher levels you hold in such low regard.

You should consider that you need more than a minute in the game before you decide that the higher level perspective is selfish.


Wow. Just wow.

Great, now I have to spend the next half an hour waiting for Ashton to jump out from behind the copier or a planter - this can’t be real.


Please provide some evidence that this “balancing” hasn’t negatively effected you and your base? Maybe you don’t even notice it?

Clearly just a troll with little understanding

I would imagine this doesn’t impact bases that were not previously strong for their level.


It must, it’s just not noticed, unless they haven’t built any turrets yet I suppose. Or at the very least they should realize they suddenly are far more proficient fliers.

“PG is a good company”? Based on what? they didn’t create this game they bought it. Yes it is a good game, but they don’t deserve any of that credit. For the past 2.5 years i have been playing i have seen nothing but poor management, communication and a complete lack of understanding of the basics when it comes to this game from them.

“High end players, level up one tower and they get 16 or so achievements!” Well yes… 1 our our buildings take 2 months to build… to get what from those first 16 achievements? enough rewards to do maybe 1/10th of what was just built?

“High end players get so much more for doing so much less, you have the audacity to organize a boycott against a company like this?” We do less? I saw way more activity and sleepless nights in diamond than i do down here in sapphire. They work way harder than the average player. Most high end players (not all admittedly) are willing to spend not because they have nothing better to do but because they are committed to the game and their teams.

“Fair, unfair, not right, they dont listen to us, we pay their wages”, Yes your right, they do pay their wages. this isn’t even a point.

Get your facts straight. Furthermore this 'Nerf" affects all players not just the top players. If you don’t understand this game and why having a game that is properly balanced is important just shut the hell up.


Outside of jumps where dragons get a huge boost (84, 132, etc.), people who were terrible fliers/are behind on dragons are still terrible fliers and probably can’t tell the difference, but people who were in the middle are probably coming out ahead much more often.

It doesn’t make sense to punish everyone else for people who leveled their base too quickly for their dragons/can’t fly, but hey, that might just be me :woman_shrugging:


Exactly like I said, op has little understanding

Perhaps i dont yet. But my point is if it does, i adapt.

Did you even read any of the charts or other information on what PG did? Do you understand what this does in terms of mechanics with player level if I have to trash high level turrets.

I am not a spender or a high level player. But alot of these players are in fact concerned with the impact on everyone and have voiced that opinion.

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So so sooooooo true. I was fortunate enough to follow Red’s Dragon Check-In when I was in my ±80s. So my dragon’s have always been VERY strong for my level. But, like you said - if people over leveled (which is really easy to do), why do the other folks who were methodical on Base Leveling/Dragon Leveling be punished? This IS a competitive game after all…

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I strongly disagree. I’m not an end game player. I just barely broke 100 today. Hell I haven’t hit the garnet or sapphire wall and I am not a high spender.

The issue here is this was a poor balance. People have invested months and thousands to build up a base. There is no way to change or amend it. So when that is taken away with no compensatory balance changes then people get frustrated.

The dark flak got a flat nerf. No rework. No longer stun for lower damage. No removal of stun for a new super. Nothing. It was a flat 60% give or take nerf. That’s the issue. Yes it might have been over tuned. Fair enough. But that means it needs to be reworked.

Had it been a “let’s change the flak and rebalance it” then it would have been fine. When it costs so much investment, time or money, the result has to perform can change but it MUST be relevant.

This is the problem. From someone who isn’t a high level or hell even mid. This is a drastic nerf that has made my base undefendable in most cases.

Hell I’ve been hitting 70 levels up with no troubles and I have no doubt I could go higher until raw hp stops me. And it isn’t challenging. It isn’t fun and it is not my skill that beats them.

That’s what it comes down to. It’s a game and this took a lot of challenge, satisfaction and fun out. Fix those and this situation is fixed


You could easily “notice” by clicking the little “i” next to any of the towers that got “re-balanced” and notice they were halved with no time to “adapt”. Added to that, the DAY an event requiring you to hold resources in order to build.

Try to imagine how “easy” it must be to accumulate enough resources to upgrade one tower prior to having it stolen by some significantly lower level opponent (who gets a much larger piece of your pie due to this) than was ever capable of defeating your base.

Do you see any reason for the feeling like we were butt-f’d without even the courtesy of a reach-around?

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I knew i was gonna get a good butt woopin by yall.

I come from another game, i played for years. I and my team wer among the best in the world in its heyday. They rbebalanced and pissed us all off. Me i, being me, as yoy can tell am outspoken. Been banned a bunch, including currently from their forums. I KNOW! I JUST CAME OUT of this situation.

I realize your angst. PG responds to help tickets, they talk to their players, the weekly live streams helps them connect with us, they give apology gifts, ALL of this is new to me. My last game did none of these things.

I see a contrast, you dont. The contrast shows a good company.

Yes, i speak from the hip sometimes, my Italian blood boils. My new handicap pisses me off, but i hope my perspective can be acknowledged.

Indonsee yours, butnthe road some want to travel, leads to nowhere.

Sorry if i made you angry. I knew i was gonna get it, because i was you in a different world of gaming.

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Yes i read the charts, it does stink.

The last rebalance most applauded.

Good with the bad. I am tired ofmyelling into the wind. So infocus on just having fun in the game.

Well just because your old developer was worse doesn’t make PG good. :slight_smile:


So they can have an opinion based on pg only if you give it to them? Sounds like cancer is already there

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