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I was not going to say anything…I was going to just let it go…but then I was scrolling through comments on Ronin and saw a little mini-conversation emerging on trying to predict how PG will nerf a dragon that hadn’t even been released. Are you guys serious? Has it become that much of a norm now that we are just taking for granted that the product will be worsened later on?

This thread is not intended to be a jab at PG. I completely understand and respect their “right” to “adjust” dragons, towers, and power levels over time in order to have a more balanced game…but MINOR ADJUSTMENTS are very different from what is being referred to as “NERFING”.

I am far from the first player to make this point, but advertising a dragon or tower with the KNOWLEDGE that customers are paying for THAT dragon/tower AT the advertised power level, and THEN KNOWLINGLY DE-POWERING said dragon/tower after the sale has already been finalized, is simply immoral. It is a textbook example of “bait and switch” and will, inevitably lead to people not trusting your brand and not being willing to pay for these dragons. Poor customer service kills businesses, and I am hoping that the PG QA team can jump on this matter and address player concerns to PREVENT this practice of nerfing dragons from becoming a normalized business practice.

Please, keep this conversation civil. This is NOT a dogpile on PG. I would like this thread to remain constructive. I would like all comments to focus on your honest feelings about the nerfing of dragons, and what would be a fair solution for PG to embrace moving forward so that this doesn’t continue.

Would it be better to release dragons earlier to a larger group of beta testers, even if it takes away the excitement when dragons are first released, just so that we can get the kinks worked out? (I know GPF has early access, but perhaps a larger test pool/longer beta time is required).

Would it be better to get PG dev team to commit to defining what “reasonable” means when it comes to de-powering dragons…and hold them to that limitation? “A dragon can have its AP reduced by X%, and if AP is reduced any further then players are issued a refund”

Please share if you have any further suggestions…and let’s please get PG involved in this. It would be very proactive of us to discuss this NOW before Ronin is tinkered with so that we all know what to expect.

Thank you


Funnily, it would appear that PG has taken the Surt backlash to heart and actively involved and listened to the GF this season. So maybe cut them a wee bit of slack. Else they’re damned if they do, and they’re damned if they don’t.


That’s great news, and I am more than happy to cut them some slack. I was provoked by players who were commenting on this topic, not by anything that Pg had done. Thank you for the update


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On topic: I think the best action is to PG listen to the GPF, and that’s it. This season feels like they did it.


A lot of the people predicting the nerf didn’t even know spell details such as rage costs, radius of spells, damage, etc. They had also never seen the dragons fly. Given these details, I think it’s safe to say their opinions are highly informed and should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Hell, we should start nerfing the summer dragons right now too! Let’s get ahead of the game.


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There’s already a topic about this.


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Easy, the people that jump the gun right there & then without waiting until the end of the season to make there final decision. :blush:


First thing first, no one can tell if a “Mythic” or any future “Mythic” is over powered, broken, or is Balance before they release the spell details & the rage cost(That includes Odin to, he’s no one special but a kid that haves money that’s it)

So there opinions on looking at a”mythic” an saying he needs a nerf before they even see him in action first is totally “irrelevant” do to the fact they don’t know the actual spell details & rage cost or seen him against live bases with defenders on it.

“We” can simply “Predict” how the spell can work & the rage cost but that’s it, until Pg release the actual info of all the spells cost & more details on how the spell going to work( that’s including Spell cooldown, the radius of the spell((AOE), the %’s of the damage output of spells, & the duration of the spell an so on…)

Like they say “ Never judge a book by its cover before reading it”


And its a good thing the community gave PG such a thrashing. I’d honestly believe PG would have kept going with their nerfing spree if the player-base hadn’t flipped when Surt happened.

but this season PG seems to have listened to the player-base, so credit is given where credit is due.


You have more faith in the power of the forums than I do. They channel all of the rage into a single thread that they can easily close after the screaming blows over.

Two, maybe 3 PG employees read anything here and apparently the forum feedback is “summarized” and delivered to other team members.

Anyone who thinks their individual contributions or even spending habits influences PG management, needs a hard reality check.


Well, I was pretty skeptical with PG after last season, but this season seems a lot better so :confused:

I’m pretty Sure they purposely made Surt overpowered to justify their mythic nerfing spree, and probably got more backlash than they were expecting so they decided to tone it down this season.


Don’t know :man_shrugging:t2:


I agree with everything said above. A good dose of healthy skepticism is always helpful, but I will give credit where credit is due IF what we’re hearing is correct.

That said, as much as I appreciate what GPF does, I would love to hear an actual representative of PG weigh in on this topic at some point.

As mentioned in the first post, I just want to know what the official stance is going to be on this topic moving forward. Some form of actual dialogue is required. Sooner rather than later would be good…otherwise the rumors and speculations will be louder than the facts.




No I think the summer divines will be too OP and we should nerf them before they’ve even been designed. I think it’s better to jump the gun constantly that way you can stay on top of things like this. I believe if we are perceptive enough, nothing will ever go over our heads or get by us.


I think if any PG employee chimes in it will be to point out the ToS line that states they have the right to alter or change the content in the game at their discretion. I doubt you will get even that but this season’s changes do seem to show them listening to the playerbase a little better so maybe i will be proven wrong.


We just can’t “assume” next season mythic will be broken or stupidly Op(Over powered) do to the fact what happen last season with Surt.

Last season, pg didn’t listen to the GPF & thought they knew everything an all was balance. Reality is, it wasn’t like that at all. For not releasing the GPF Balance Surt they decide to change things up.

Oh they did alright, they made a broken mythic that can wreak max out bases like it’s nothing even with defenders you couldn’t kill him( unless the flyer didn’t know how to use him properly then that’s his own fault)

This season what “I” seen on yesterday stream was two balance mythic’s that require actual skills & timing to fly effectively(correctly) “If” not you will die, especially with defenders “if” not flown right you will die by making 1 mistake.

My honest opinion on this topic is, don’t “assume” anything until “We”( As a community) see with our own eyes the “potential” of both mythic’s in action against live bases.

Then & only then “we” can decide “If” they need a nerf/buff in that matter. I honestly “Believe” pg actually listen to the GPF this season & let’s hope for next season & the season after that they still listen to the GPF an release balance dragons.