On the topic of "nerfing"



Pssst, I think your sarcasm meter is malfunctioning :eyes::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:


How’s that?
Please tell… :ear:
I wish I was being “Sarcastic”


You aren’t but @ZestyNoob’s posts came across as pure sarcasm :rofl::rofl:


Oh :astonished: my apologies.


Sometimes it’s hard to catch (especially without the /s indicator) :hugs:


Gotcha :ok_hand:

Oo yes I got a question to ask about “Ronin”…

When you used his “Way of the blade” spell can that spell go through protected towers by the storm/earth tower Ss?
I doubt it, but just need “Clarification” that it dose or not.:innocent:


I can’t remember :sweat_smile: I don’t think it does. I’m pretty certain it’s not built on the same sort of spell structure that spell flux is built on so that wouldn’t let it get through storm or storm flak shields.


Ok, thank you :blush:


Umbral spike family? :eyes:


I’m not sure what family :laughing: you might know that better than I would :sweat_smile:


But that takes all the fun out of it :frowning:


Two men were walking and one of them fell into a sarCASM

Man A asked the man who had fallen “Are you ok?”

Man B answered, “yeah, I’m fine, you idiot”


From the looks of it, the spell is in the umbral spike/tidal surge family just from how it interacts. At least the first cast. I see no reason why it wouldn’t be blocked by a storm shield.


Slice, thrust, & Execute won’t kill any tower “if” protected by the Strom/Earth tower Ss. :innocent:

Like the other form of umbral spike family they can’t go through the Ss of a storm or earth Flak Shield “While” active.


Not that I don’t hate the fact what they sell gets worsened after purchase, I’d been getting the nerfed mythics anyways for the extra stuffs you get from the branch.

I had no where else to spend my sigils. :sweat_smile:

It’s better to spend those sigils on something then let it be a waste. :grin:

Am I trying too hard to be positive here?


edit: typo


This is so true. I don’t know how many garbage legendary dragons i’ve gotten with my sigils simply due to their prizes. Let’s see

  • Tarand
  • Drakius
  • Abraxxus
  • Coatl
  • Kirin

I think the other meh ones were leading up to mythics that i wanted so i needed them.


The “Scarasm” is strong with this one. :joy:


GPF be damned. I’m still 99% sure Ronin will be nerfed either before seasons end or right after the first week of “SummerBug” season.


I honestly doubt it my friend, you see anyone complaining about him being to over powered?
Nope, he’s just right in the middle of being “op”(over powered) at a degree.


For now. I have no hope. :man_shrugging:t3: