On the topic of "nerfing"



Well all I can tell you is to have “hope” :innocent:


Are people seriously not tired of beating this dead horse and beating horses that haven’t even been born yet?


Tell me about it :sweat_smile:


So…do we think the Seasonal Dragon will be April Fool’s themed or Avengers End Game themed?

I would love to see a Thanos inspired dragon with a “snap” ability that wipes out a random 50% of enemy towers.

But that’s because I’m a dork :nerd_face:


Who knows :man_shrugging:t2:


i full trust GPF, and think they help to create better balanced dragons. So i’m happy cause they have proven to be smart.
The only bad point i see is the narcissistic trend to complicate the strategies.
Ktm yamaha honda, creates bikes easy for all, and only then, Marc and Valentino skill makes the difference.


But why not have SOME complicated dragons. Frankly we haven’t had many truly challenging dragons. UVS had one skill based mechanic, pathox wasn’t that skill based.

I would love a more complex dragon every now and then. Perhaps not hau level fancy but still somethkng


i full agree, don’t fraintend me. Personally i pick all the tricky dragons. Only talking about a middle way :slight_smile:


I have no idea what this means.


What are talking about? Skilled based dragons? Dragons that take skill from the seasons. I think you have to look no further than surt :grin:


Surt =‘s 2 button Presser then I win against any base I won’t…
No Skilled Required.
We don’t ever need to see a dragon like “Surt” again in this game.


Ronin definitely does not need a nerf. Even in the hands of the most skilled flyer, he can’t hit above his weight cause once flaks hit the ability to one or two-shot him, he’s useless. So he’ll only be relevant against towers that are comparable to his level. So far the only video footage we’ve seen of him has been against undefended, badly-designed bases and he still struggled. Honestly, I think he is one of the weaker mythics yet.

I’m sure people like Lutrus and his ilk will make this dragon sing, but for anyone of average flying skill (the majority of players), he’s really not that awesome, and certainly not OP. No need for a nerf; would love to see a buff, even.


No one is saying anything about Nerfing him mate, yes I agree he needs a little buff so he can actually go against a tier up of his actual current tier Lv.


There have been a few people asking for him to be nerfed, just not in this thread. It’s unbelievable, I know. :joy:


They simply don’t understand the differences from balanced & “Op” :man_facepalming:

Ronin & Zenko are “op” in a good way do to that fact there only “op” at a small degree but not stupidity “Op”



I don’t think ronin is all that OP like how surt 1.0 was.

or maybe ronin is OP, but i’m not up there to fly him well? :man_facepalming:t2:

i need more caffeine.


op vs OP


Exactly :flushed::joy:


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