On the topic of "nerfing"



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Who is flagging posts on my thread? I believe I have the authority to determine if things are off topic here, no?

I would like this to be an open dialogue, free from community censorship. Please, do not flag posts unless they are offensive.

Thank you


If the thread gets off course from the original intent, whether you created it or not, it would no longer belong in the suggestion section.

I can move it to off topic if you’d like.

So short answer… no. That isn’t your call to make.


Thank you for the clarification. I moved it already. I get the rules, I just want people to feel free to share their thoughts here. Sometimes interesting new topics and ideas emerge.


I’m 100% sure you’re making up numbers. Whether or not this (or any) dragon gets nerfed is not a probability experiment.


But it feels that way sometimes and for many, perception is reality.

Agree that it is way premature to have at PG just yet, but they left the door open to all of the pre loaded venom and angst around here. Spell Scaling Feedback Thread

We knew Surt would be nerfed mid January and folks are still butt hurt, rightfully or not. PG needs to be out front and managing perception. Something they fail at in the most spectacular fashion.