One atlas server per league

Note I have changed the title as @Irunlater evolved my original idea below into what I think is a better idea. See their proceeding post below.

A lot of people are sick of the bullying and imbalance in Atlas. Having been on the receiving end from higher tier, better financed teams, I know what it’s like.

So here’s simple change to Atlas to fix this for good. Sorry if this idea to create a more level playing field has been floated before.

Diamond teams can only attack castles owned by diamond teams and can freely pass through saphire and platinum teams castles.

Saphire teams can attack castles owned by saphire and diamond teams and can freely pass through platinum teams castles.

Platinum teams can attack castles owned by platinum, saphire and diamond teams.

You do end up with platinum team castles protected behind Diamond and Saph castles but small price to pay.



Considering that there are Sapphire teams with better and more castles than some Diamond teams, this could be problematic.


Have you ever heard of sandbagging? Differentiating teams based on league is stupid.

So if a sapphire team can hit a diamond team? The diamond can’t hit them back?


What @Fragity said. Your thoughts will work but it need a fresh start in atlas map. Irony is that there are teams with T5 castle with 50+ atlas rank


Yes different servers for leagues is the way to go.

Yes I think this is good :smile:

This wont work, it’s too easy to manipulate and abuse league position. It’s super easy to drop down in leagues to go hit smaller teams. Atlas would basically need its own “leagues” based on influence but even then there would need to be a way to move pirate teams with huge players into where they should be hitting too. otherwise you’ve still got the issue of sharks in the minnow pond.

You would have diamond teams dropping down to platinum so they could feast on glory without being hit by those who dont do the same.

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The servers they have now are already terrible, do you really think they could pull off individual league servers? That is very unrealistic to expect them to pull off when they cant even do event changes without breaking things.

Teams that sandbag dont care about lower rewards, they’re in it for the easier time, the chaos they create and/or the bloodbath. If lower rewards was a deterrent then we wouldnt have the huge issue of sandbagging that already exists. Most of those teams spend heavily anyway so the rewards they’re getting from events or from tribute is a drop in the bucket. You might have some teams shuffling players around a bit but that’s basically it.

I definitely had a similar idea to his where you could only hit in your league and only the upper league below you still seems manipulatable unless something is added onto this idea or they are only Diamond is allowed to hit Diamond - Sapphire teams.

I would prefer one server per league as Diamond teams bully a lot of Saphire teams, they are the biggest culprits in sandbagging too again to the detriment of saph teams.

You could just copy the existing map to start with including the castle ownership and remove the Diamond teams from their castles on the Saphire map. That way everyone starts with what they already have. I expect there will be so many wars thrown by Diamond teams to move down to saph so disable all wars 2 weeks before the move.

I’ve never understood why PG is so bad at hardware scaling and basic environment management. No test servers and only one prod environment. Most startups have better designed infrastructure in the age of cloud.

While I do like the idea this will affect swappers too therefore it’ll cause a burden on most swappers I know people hate swapping but come on they have there rights heck I’m trying to snipe and defend just because I swap doesn’t automatically mean we are lazy I mean come on aren’t we all players and can people not compromise for everyone? Know it’s not possible but we need to somehow compromise on multiple sides and not fight about it?

Sorry for my ignorance but how does it affect swappers? If you and your swap partner are in different leagues just find a new one.

There needs to be one ranking system, leagues, atlas… streamline it all.

Then get rid of the map as we know it and integrate everything all on one map.

Everyone is trying to fix the castle system, which frankly can’t be fixed. I say blow it all up and move on!


Again, they dont covet them and honestly the difference isnt that significant that it will really impact them at all. They’ll be at the top of their leagues in events while also saving on resources

I have no idea about the league system but I do know some people and possibly a good chunk swap across leagues swapping partners are limited too you got 100 or more players vs 10k more.

If the sapphire pick the fight first with the diamonds… They deserved to be hit back hard.or one alliance can just keep sending a hoard of sapphire teams to attack them at the same time they attack these diamond teams…
So how is this going to work again

And what about sandbagging?

In my experience that never happens. It’s usually a diamond team lies to get out of a no hit agreement on a gate or simply ignores it, then with 5-10 other Diamond teams takes a Saphire teams T4. It’s bullying because they can, the game allows it. Worse they do it to Plat teams two leagues lower abet Saph do to and this tries to stop all of that.

Disable wars before tier reshuffles. Or change wars so they don’t affect team placement in leagues and give folks sigils instead. There is a thread on this.

A t4 is 10O percent glory tho, so it’s s fair game when a diamond team hits it and takes it.
Is it ethical? Maybe not.
Is it bullying? Maybe
But is it fair? Yes cus it’s a t4