One dragon, one day


If you could transform into a dragon (man, I wish I could do that) for a day, who would you be and why?
(I haven’t decided for myself quite yet. There are so many dragons to choose from…!)


Surt, to Ragnarok a few places :eyes:


I like warrior types. But Surt I heard was nice!


Hauheset…skip ahead in time, do things during “time shift”…then just breeze through the day.




Urd Verde Skuld,

“Hey Jim”
“Your wife’s cheating on ya”

“I’d like to report that I’ve found evidence on the crime that happened 50 years that no one could ever solve”

“Damn, thats a nice beard you’re rocking 80-year-old me”


:wink: nice


I’d either like to be opes and be the prettiest son of a gun around or be jorm to know what it feels like to be tall :sob:


:eyes: MORTHIL. Big fkn YAK


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Maybe Cavaleris for me, Arcane Aegis and Healing are great


Edit: It has no legs. But just imagine them if it did. In this picture its legs were removed from a siege battle in the past.
I drew this in Study Hall.


I would e a Bat Dragon

Divine Hunter.


Oo, scary!!!


Alternate Universe where Dragons stand and play Guitars.