One Dragon Three Choices

Idea for PG
Maybe for one season we have it where there’s just one dragon to go for with the option of choosing wich class we want it to be. Each class with different spells and three separate rider branches, one for each class.

If a dragon can be any of the three classes, and each class has different spells…and players can choose which they want…

How is this any different from just having three dragons, one of each class? Which is basically what we have now?

If I understand it right, your idea would just be “three dragon lines, one of each class, and three rider lines, with skills tied to each class.” It’d mean adding one more rider, and taking away the mythics…is that all you’re shooting for?


Starts as one branch then splits to the three but ya choose the route you like, each one with separate in class and element as such the riders. If I remember right normaly ya have to complete two dragon branches for a mythic branch to unlock ? They can have it set to open mythic dragon once ya finish ya dragon and rider branch. It can give the players somewhat a feeling as if they built their own dragon. If they feel that it may be too easy they can put more Sigil rewards between stones and rider gear.

Everyone would pick the hunter class with the spell set of a sorcerer :octopus:

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I’m for the most part a sorcerer flyer with occasional warrior.

but who would chose the sorcerer attack style over warrior or hunter?

You’d be surprised how many like the scorcerer dragons. Look at Equestor there is plenty of people who love the hell out of him and Coatl

Equestor I’ll agree with. Coatl? :eyes:

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the spell set maybe but the basic attacking fire ball is not. Equestor even has a summon warrior in assist
sorcerer is great for their spell set not basic attack


if you can pick the attack style for equestor would you pick lock on of sorcerer or tapping of hunter?

I’d keep Equestor just as he is but have his summoned dragon evolve into a different dragon when ya evolve Equestor. One with some cool effects

It may be confusing to have a dragon that can be warrior, hunter or sorcerer. It can be difficult in war to predict the spells and attack patterns while defending and defenders have to waste time checking the dragon. The idea is cool but maybe you can add on to have it a different colour for each class but again, it may be boring because PG is being hardworking for their art design to model different dragons. Don’t give them ideas to cut cost. What if you don’t like the design and likely for the whole season, you are stuck with this dragon and no other choices. It is better to have more choices.

Please use /s to let people know it’s sarcasm. :man_shrugging:


A different color scheme should be emplimented for each class maybe a color to match their element if they have them different elements for each class.

Sounds too complex for PG :woman_shrugging:

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