One minute timers again?

Am I the only one who is getting one minute timers? Timer lengths should be increasing. Not decreasing.

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Yep they’re in there lol new event will have 30 second timers I’m sure…who comes up with this stuff

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I’m still trying to figure out your in-game sign. What about this? :man_facepalming:

How about this: :honeybee:

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Seriously, I would love to see 24 and 48 hour timers given out as legendary drops. That would be awesome.

And if they want to make people mad, scale timer times to level. Like, you can’t get 12 hour timers until you are level 75, 24 at lvl 150, 48 hour at lvl 200, etc.


Not green but it’ll do.

I just wanna know why I’m getting damn legendary barricade drops and not one stinken siege weapon

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Do you really have to ask that?

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I’ve opened 123 gold chests once and no legendary siege. How many have you opened?

As they said these things should be dropping…yes.

Same happened to me. I only opened 20 chests though. A legendary barricades, no siege weapons and only 125 sigils. At least I got a lot of crap I didn’t need.

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Yea sigil, embers, and other stuff I don’t remember. Sigil drop rate definitely seems to be lower…I opened 30 or 40 I think

I’ve been able to get legendary siege weapons. I opened 23 gold chests and got 6. I don’t know what’s happening to you guys, because it’s not just bad luck.

I know these are called MAJOR events, but you get WAAAY more sigils if you just focus all your energy on fort and breed. Just my 2c


Agreed. For amount of effort, fort and breeding are much easier.

pg is stupid and the people who come up with what players get r have never really played this game. they r all under lvl 100 with little to no activity, their dragom tier is insanely behind. they do not know the bullshit that comes drops and shit prizes in this game

edit, for the person who flagged this comment… are u serious? wat i stated above is the truth and ur butt hurt about me saying this?

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