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A PvP-event, as the name suggests, is about player versus player situations.
The attacker gets points for destroying the base - but what about the defender?
The defender has no personal advantage other than possible costs (hammers, shields, swords) and possibly a small amount of loot from killing the dragons (i.e. personal-private advantage; advantage that the player can claim for himself outside the team).
Let’s face it: for five shot down dragons (at best) you get five rubies, 3-minute accelerators and such other small items - the effort is actually not worth it! Therefore something should be changed/introduced here.

My idea here is to give points to the defenders.

Example: The attacker flies to a base that gives him 100 points. The attacker destroys 85% of the base and receives 100 points.
In the subsequent flight against the same base, however, a defender is present who effectively prevents the attack, only 63% are destroyed. The attacker doesn’t get the full 100 points, but only 50 (just a numerical example, I don’t know the exact details). Now the defender should get the difference between the 100 possible points and the number of points actually reached (50) by the attacker, in this case also 50 points.
This procedure should be applied to all attacks (normal attack, super attack, wildfire and mega) and to the use of inner fire.

This also causes the attacker to rethink the attack, after all, if he makes the wrong decision, he can damage his own clan.

At all PvP events, it should be possible to earn points for yourself and your clan through successful defenses.

If there are multiple defenders, the points scored in a successful defense are divided equally (in the example: 50/3 = 16 [fragments are disregarded]), but the sum of the points is credited to the clan.

The idea behind this is that the defenses in PvPs have more influence because they are sometimes neglected and an actual PvP-event is often not a player-against-player but a player-against-"normal basis with supershots without mind ".


PS: It is clear to me that there are people whose (mega) attacks are sacred and who will therefore declare this idea to be dead.
Nevertheless, I ask for a harmonious discussion without insult - thank you!


As attacker need to use energy to get score, it’s only fair if defender uses energy too to get score.
Similar topic as reference

Since defense costs neither anything in war, atlas nor in the “real” game, in my eyes it is rather unfair to introduce defense costs.
On the contrary, if you want to defend properly (or extremely), defense also costs a lot of resources.

However, I understand the objection.
You could also avoid this by introducing a kind of “defense energy”, which is generated separately from the “attack energy”, faster and a higher free number (not every 15 minutes for an energy and the maximum of the “free energy” not to 16 limited - but e.g. 48 maximum with a regeneration time of five minutes).
The “defense energy” can be refreshed with energy packs (three times the energy compared to the “attack energy”). A defense should also only cost one energy (given the frequency of possible defenses during a PvP-event, this is justified, after all, there are theoretically 1,200 opponents in the PvP-event who can mostly attack continuously).

I chose the numerical example for the simplicity of the calculation method.

Successful defense doesn’t give defenders advantage (other than bonus from shooting down dragons) either :eyes:

Plus it’s more base owner’s effort than the defenders.

That’s why a successful defense should get more respect and score points accordingly.

But I have to contradict that the basic owner has “more work”.
When nobody is in defense, the super shots are often distributed senselessly - and there are no shields, swords and hammers.
So you actually fly against a “better invader” due to the existing flaks and mages.

And even if you consider the basic owner now, the defenders should still be considered.
Then the points are shared by more people - the only important thing in my eyes is that the defenders (and possibly the base owner) and the clan receive points.

Possibly the worst comment I have read today. How is it “only fair”? Why? It seems somewhat appropriate introduce some sort of incentive to defend. Even if it is just 1 point per % not destroyed. Not a lot of points really especially since you can’t “mega defend” but it is SOME incentive. I also like that I t benefit grinders the most and doesn’t have a spending element to it… oh I think I just found out why it isn’t a thing already…

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I’d be okay if the “risk” of attacking be increased by introducing team points and / or more goodies for successful defense.

While defender might affect battle result, they have the same role as attacker’s assist, despite attacker assist may affect the result more. In this case, I believe base owner plays more role than the defender (defenders won’t help weak bases from being attacked)

As I said, the points received can also be shared by several people.
To stay with my example, then by four (base owners plus this as a defender and two other “external” defenders - 12 for the “external” defenders and 24 for the owner).

However, one should not forget the use of internal fire, super and mega attacks, which may increase the attacker’s possible points - but also increase the defenders’ possible reward.

I think something like this would be great, although tbh, I’d be more inclined to defend if hammers weren’t being treated as more precious than gold. Gimme enough freaking hammers PG

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The reward system and loot for shot-down dragons generally needs to be adjusted and increased.
Due to the low loot / reward, the will to defend at all is quite low.
The normal loot could certainly be multiplied by a factor of ten, if not more, to increase willingness to defend.

Maybe someone official can say if this improvement of the game is being considered?
It is not only necessary to award points for successful defenses, but also to increase the loot for shot down dragons in order to generally increase the willingness to defend!
The ratio of expenditure (hammers, shields, swords) - “profit” (a few minute timer, a ruby, …) is completely unbalanced and must be overhauled!

I remain firmly convinced that both general defense (outside of events) and defense during an event do not receive an appropriate award.
In normal defenses, one ruby ​​or one shield is definitely not enough for each dragon shot.
But if you consider that a PvP event is about PLAYER-vs-PLAYER and therefore the interaction between the players is paramount, the defender and the base owner must get more than just the few items for a shot dragon.
In my eyes, the attacker has to weigh up whether he destroys the base with his dragons 100% or not - and if this is not the case, the base owner and the possible defenders must get a piece of the attacker’s cake!

I agree with you that the rewards for defending are not adequate. Eg: you shoot down Mordred and use 20 hammers for that one dragon. Congrats on downing a dragon have 1 hammer. Or have 1 Ruby. I mean it’s a little silly haha

Let me start by staying I and my team defend. Having said that I find it an interesting mechanic where as players we are devaluing each others resources for some silly team prizes that basically suck and really don’t reflect the effort to achieve them.

The only winner when it comes to defending enemy attacks in pvp is PG.

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