One of These Platinum Legendaries is Not Like the Others

A question just to satisfy my curiosity: I’m planning for next fort, where my Platinum legendaries should be fully uncapped. And I noticed something odd. They all expert at level 35, except Rizar. Rizar tops out at level 30. Does anyone who was playing when Platinum tier came out know why Rizar is treated differently to the rest of his compatriot dragons?

This happened when Platinum was the top tier. They have a buff to the weaker classes so people had something to do.


In the end Rizar at 30 will be better than the rest at 35 :sunglasses:

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those last 5 levels are a joke, all 5 equal like 1 normal level. As Red said, it was added so people could contribute to an old feed event or something right before sapphire was released.

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