One quick question

What healing runes can I equip to apophet?

None. Only rage and wisdom runes work on him.



What level does amarok hit gold level?

Amarok is Lineage, so he is forever orange

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Damn! I need a legendary up to gold for upgrades… who dhell is legendary again?!!:joy:

I think you need to make a new forum post with your questions. These questions are unrelated to the OP’s question.

Maybe we could just change the OP title to “Ask Orca”

edit: @xxxxxmuncha I think that Whalegnawer was my first legendary Gold (Parents are Yersinu and Munin)


I strongly recommend you get a breeding path:

Just breeding away random dragons is going to be very frustrating very soon.


First time using forums, I’ll figure it out and do
Proper :+1:

If you have Lumen, Ferrox, and Basileus, just speed up for Whalegnawer (as all Legendary Platinum can be unlocked through Whale alone.)

Lumen is only for early cheap gold eggs…


Thanks for the advice, not sure I have them I’ll check👍

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